Friday, September 28, 2012

Free iPhone data usage tracker released by Princeton lab !

Princeton University's EDGE Lab has released a free iPhone app that enables smartphone users to avoid big wireless bills by better tracking their actual data usage and predicting future usage.

DataWiz for iOS can be used to set alerts that let smartphone users know if they're in danger of going over carrier data limits in what Professor Mung Chiang, director of EDGE Lab, calls the age of $10 for every gigabyte ("You'll never go over your mobile data allowance again!" the iTunes write-up boasts.). With an optional Voice over IP feature, the personal bandwidth management app tracks cellular and Wi-Fi data without draining the battery.

"DataWiz is a tool for smartphone customers to really evaluate their data usage and reconsider the way in which they are approaching their current data plans," Chiang says.

Android and Windows versions of DataWiz are in the works as well.

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