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8 Chakra Healing Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask

The following modalities have been embedded into Chakra7:

“Studying this information has helped me understand and work with one of the most powerful energy systems we have as humans. I am grateful to Carol for producing this amazing one-of-a-kind training. The information on the Chakras is practical and useful to implement into your daily life to not only make a difference in how you feel, but make a difference in what you are creating and attracting to you.”

- Kate Wilson

thai yoga therapy

Embedded Modality 1: Thai Yoga Therapy

Chakra7 is perhaps the only Chakra Healing program in the world to fully integrate Yoga into its curriculum. Said to be developed by a contemporary of the Buddha himself, Thai Yoga Therapy is a physical meditation system of palming, thumbing and opening up your energy lines, and targeting acupressure points for each Chakra. It energizes your lymph system, lowers your blood pressure, and elegantly connects your body with your energetic and spiritual nature. Every module in Chakra7 contains specially created Thai Yoga exercises for Chakra Healing, presented by Syl Carson–veteran Yoga instructor and founder of Bodhi Yoga.


Embedded Modality 2: Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the most well-known and widely used healing technology today. Millions of people across the world use it daily to enter an alternate state of mind for enhanced relaxation, clarity, healing and intuition. Chakra7contains its own proprietary set of meditation exercises designed to burrow deep into your mind, and unblock each of your 7 Chakras from a subconscious level.


Embedded Modality 3: Visualization

Next to meditation, visualization is also one of the most popular healing technologies used today. By visualizing a premeditated scenario and outcome, and infusing this outcome with emotions, you can program your subconscious mind to achieve otherwise impossible feats. Chakra7 includes a variety of Guided Visualization Exercises focusing on unblocking each of your 7 Chakras.

rapid eye technology

Embedded Modality 4: Rapid Eye Technology (RET)

Do your emotions tend to get the best of you a little more often than you’d like? RET is a safe and natural process designed to eliminate virtually any form of emotional stress. By duplicating REM sleep, it burrows deep into your subconscious and identifies and eliminates underlying trapped fears that cause anxiety, stress, unwanted emotions and consequently blocked Chakras. Many experts describe it as “talking to your brain in its own language.”

crystal healing

Embedded Modality 5: Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing has been used by many different peoples throughout history, including the Chinese, Egyptians, the Hawaiian islanders and the Hopi Indians of Arizona. It involves placing various types of crystals or gemstones, from quartz to jade, on parts of the body corresponding to the Chakras. Each type of crystal emanates a unique healing vibration, which when selected correctly aids in unblocking the Chakras.

emotional freedom technique

Embedded Modality 6: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a form of alternative psychotherapy that eliminates unresolved traumatic memories and experiences, such as abuse, betrayal or hurt, that may be holding you back and blocking your Chakras in your current reality. This is accomplished by tapping on your body’s acupuncture points, and adjusting your body’s energy field into its optimal state.


Embedded Modality 7: Reframing

Rooted in the practice of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reframing is the method of changing your mind’s perception of a certain event, memory or person, into a perception that will positively benefit your current reality. For example instead of perceiving your father as ‘overbearing’, you can reframe your mind to think of him as ‘protective’. By training you to constructively evaluate your experiences, Reframing allows you to overcome emotional blockages that may be interfering with your Chakras.


Embedded Modality 8: Breathing

Breathing techniques are used in a variety of healing modalities, from meditation to yoga, to improve your focus and general wellbeing. By training your body to breathe in the right way, you’ll be able to enter a state of mind conducive to connecting with your higher self and unblocking your Chakras.


Embedded Modality 9: Affirmations (Chanting)

Affirmations are positive statements designed to reinforce a certain idea or desire in your subconscious mind. By constantly affirming that you are healthy, for example, you will find yourself automatically taking steps to becoming healthy with minimal effort and resistance. This modality is implemented in Chakra Healing through affirmations directly related to each of your Chakras.

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