Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Acupuncture Art Gallery Now Open

Ever do a Google search for “acupuncture photos”? Most of what pops up is pretty run-of-the-mill stuff: Needles being placed in a young woman’s flawless back. Another woman resting peacefully with needles in her face. Meridians and points imposed on a sketch of an older Asian gentleman. Maybe the occasional shock-value shot of someone retaining way too many needles. You know the deal.

If you’ve looked for acupuncture artwork for your office/clinic, or images for your website, you know it can be tough to find anything unique. We think this is part of why there’s been such a positive response to the photos on AcuTake. They’re different.

The other piece of it, we think, has to do with what our photos say about acupuncture. The first-and-foremost goal with every photo on AcuTake has been to create something that visually supports its associated article. Our photos neither sensationalize nor sugarcoat acupuncture. They tell reality-based stories about how acupuncture influences modern life.

Real acupuncture, the kind that is practiced in your offices/clinics and changes people every day, is not fully represented by popular acupuncture images. Acupuncture opens up possibilities and helps us see the world differently. It makes us more flexible, grateful, patient, committed and present in all aspects of our lives.

Our photos seek to capture this essence of acupuncture, which makes them great tools for communicating acupuncture’s true benefits. And now we’re making them available to you.

Select AcuTake photos can now be purchased as digital images or prints. You can view the photos for sale in the gallery here or through our separate photography website.

Acupuncturists know better than anyone the importance of environment. By creating office/clinic spaces and websites that celebrate individuality and pique curiosity about the real power of acupuncture, we help set the stage for each person’s unique definition of success.

Thank you for the generous compliments on our photos. Reader support was the inspiration for making them available to a wider audience. We hope you find them helpful.

Remember to have a look before you go, and let us know if you have any questions!

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