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Chinese Alphabet iPhone App / Chinese (phrases) To Go


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2011-10-10 by Andy Chuang

Chinese (phrases) To Go iOS app from Good Characters


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A great resource

Chinese (phrases) To Go is for busy professionals or students who want to master the 100 most important Chinese phrases quickly with little effort. 

CHINESE (phrases) TO GO (1.01) by Good Characters is the new and improved way to learn Chinese. It is the ONLY Chinese language learning app that gives you the 100 most important Chinese phrases you should know with in-depth character-by-character explanations and 4 professional audio recordings per phrase, a total 400 audio clips. Instead of stuffing your brain with boring words that nobody really cares about, how about mastering the top 100 phrases most Chinese value and are eager to hear? 



本應用程式收錄 100 句成功者的用語。華語初學者可以藉由我們專業錄製的北京、安徽、台灣以及男、女不同的聲音來模擬及體會實際情況而提高學習效果。 

本应用程式收录 100 句成功者的用语。华语初学者可以藉由我们专业录制的北京、安徽、台湾以及男、女不同的声音来模拟及体会实际情况而提高学习效果。 

In this app, you will learn 100 most important phrases that will empower you to: 

* MOTIVATE your employees, 
* IMPRESS your bosses, 
* ENCOURAGE your friends, 
* WIN the heart of the one you love, 
* MAKE LASTING IMPRESSIONS with any Chinese person you encounter. 

For a price that’s less than a simple lunch, you will enjoy 100 most important Chinese phrases helpfully explained word-for-word and pronounced by 4 beautiful voices (400 clips total) in this app. These are the most useful Chinese phrases you will ever learn, and you will benefit tremendously from using them daily. 
Take 5 minutes to learn a phrase each day. In 3 months, you will master the 100 most important Chinese phrases you will use for a life time. Start today! 


* 100 MOST IMPORTANT PHRASES: Master 100 phrases, including 120 words and 156 characters, all with examples that illustrate how to use them. 

* 400 AUDIO CLIPS: Hear authentic pronunciations of each phrase recorded by 4 different native Chinese speakers. Two from Beijing (northern China, both male and female), 1 from Anhui (middle China, male), and 1 from Taiwan (southern China, female). 

* NO INTERNET ACCESS REQUIRED: All content is loaded in the app for your quick access anytime, anywhere. The only time you need Internet access is when you want to check out our latest news and updates.

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