Thursday, June 14, 2012

National Safety Month – Ergonomics !!

June is National Safety Month and the second week of the month long observance is dedicated to the topic of Ergonomics.
  • What does Ergonomics mean to you?
  • Does your work environment fit you?
  • Or do you adapt to your work environment? 
  • Do you know the difference?
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Ergonomics is the study of the interaction between the operator/employee and the process, machinery, equipment, tool or work station; and then fitting that process, machinery, equipment, tool or work station to the operator/employee.

Since Ergonomics involves designing the job environment to fit the person, one important factor to take into consideration is body positioning and what the person is doing at work; another factor to consider is body positioning while working on projects at home. It’s about learning how to work smarter and preventing potential injury conditions such as overexertion.

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