Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On-line marketing in China needed! (Glenn) maybe you might know someone - Thanks

Hi Glenn,

I sat next to you at a Strathmore event with Chinese acrobats once, and held on to your contact info ... also, looks like we both worked at the Obama for America office in 2008 -- I often sat at the front desk and managed the incoming chaos from there! 

According to the notes I wrote on your card, you are interested in tai chi.  So this might be a far cry, but thought I'd ask ... I would like to connect with someone who might be able to market a condo we are trying to sell in Wintergreen, VA to a Chinese investor in China ... I've been reading about Chinese investors buying up luxury properties in the U.S., so thought perhaps we could find a buyer there. 

Here's a link to our rental site, with photos of the condo:  It's got a photo from ski season, but Wintergreen is a four-season resort -- great to escape to in summer, to get away from the heat!

Anyway, if you know anyone who can help with on-line marketing in China, I would love to connect with them!  We've been trying to sell for a few years now (ever since the economy tanked, naturally) .... so it feels like time to try something different and out of the box!



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