Monday, June 18, 2012

Israel considering military attack on Syria !

Israel considering military attack on Syria 12 Jun 2012 Israel is apparently laying the groundwork for a possible military attack on Syria by alleging that Damascus could be using chemical weapons against the Syrian people. Tel Aviv has recently expressed concern about what it calls the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Israel says the weapons could fall into the wrong hands and that they may even be used by Syria to carry out an attack against Israeli forces. However, recent reports indicated that the armed groups fighting against the Syrian government have found access to and plan to use chemical weapons, acquired from Libya.

British Supreme Court Clears Way for WikiLeaks Founder's Extradition 15 Jun 2012 Britain's Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a final move by the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, to reopen his appeal of a ruling ordering him extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual abuse and rape. In a statement, the court also ruled that he must be extradited by midnight on July 7, barring further legal intervention. The ruling could be the end of a legal battle that Mr. Assange first waged, when he was arrested in December 2010, as a broad defense against what he called unjust allegations and a global conspiracy to silence him.

Supreme Court refuses to reopen Julian Assange extradition appeal 14 Jun 2012 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has failed in his bid to reopen his appeal against extradition to Sweden where he faces sex crime allegations [frame-up]. The announcement was made today by the Supreme Court. It is understood that Assange's legal team now has 14 days to apply to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to hear his case. Dinah Rose QC, appearing for Assange, applied to the Supreme Court justices for permission to make further submissions, but they unanimously dismissed the application, saying it was "without merit".

Accused British hacker charged in U.S. over LulzSec attacks 13 Jun 2012 A federal grand jury in Los Angeles has indicted a 20-year-old British citizen on charges related to attacks by the LulzSec hacking group on the Fox and PBS television networks and Sony's film and TV studio, authorities said on Wednesday. Ryan Cleary, who is already jailed in the United Kingdom where he faces prosecution over similar charges, is accused of joining other members of LulzSec in harnessing compromised computers, known as a "botnet," to steal confidential information, deface websites or attack servers. He was indicted on Tuesday. [Free all Anons, including Jeremy Hammond!]

Alleged Lulzsec Member, Ryan Cleary, Indicted in U.S. 14 Jun 2012 A U.S. federal grand jury has indicted Ryan Cleary, a British citizen, accusing him of orchestrating a hacking rampage last year that victimized [sic] Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox Entertainment Group and others. The indictment, filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles district court, alleges Cleary ran a powerful botnet used to execute distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, vandalize websites and steal sensitive data as part of the hacking group Lulz Security, or LulzSec. LulzSec, an offshoot of Anonymous, fell under heavy scrutiny from law enforcement worldwide for its successful attacks and relentless bravado, often publicized through its Twitter account. Cleary, 20, was arrested in June 2011 at his home in Wickford, England, for allegedly taking part in the DDOS attacks against Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Mubarak-appointed court orders Egypt parliament to dissolve --

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and lawmaker Mohammed el-Beltagy said the rulings amounted to a 'full-fledged coup.'
14 Jun 2012 Egypt's highest [kangaroo] court on Thursday ordered the country's Islamist-dominated parliament dissolved and ruled that the last prime minister to serve under Hosni Mubarak could stay in the presidential race, twin blows to the Muslim Brotherhood that could sweep away its political gains since Mubarak's ouster 16 months ago. The rulings by the Supreme Constitutional Court, whose judges are Mubarak appointees, escalated the power struggle between the Brotherhood and the military, which stepped in to rule after Mubarak's fall.

AFP journalist wounded in Iraq bombing 13 Jun 2012 AFP journalist Marwan Ibrahim was wounded in the head in a car bombing on Wednesday as he reported on bomb attacks in the northern Iraq city of Kirkuk. Ibrahim, a 34-year-old who has worked for AFP since 2003, went to northwest Kirkuk to report on a blast in the area about 6:20 am (0320 GMT). He then left for the site of another bombing, travelling in an SUV with his father-in-law, a police brigadier general, so he could pass checkpoints more quickly.

U.S. Security Expands Presence at Foreign Airports 14 Jun 2012 An ocean away from the United States, travelers flying out of the international airport here on the west coast of Ireland are confronting one of the newest lines of defense in the war on terrorism: the United States border. In a section of this airport carved out for the Department of Homeland Security, passengers are screened for explosives and cleared to enter the United States by American Customs and Border Protection officers before boarding. ...By placing officers in foreign countries and effectively pushing the United States border thousands of miles beyond the country's shores, Americans have more control over screening and security

executing the false flags.

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