Friday, February 22, 2013

16 Things You Should Never Buy on Craigslist !

1. Opened Baby Formula

Opened three weeks ago ... enough said.


2. Nursing Bras

While saving money is great, this may be one purchase you want to treat yourself to brand new.


3. Human Hair

You probably want to see hair for yourself before making this sort of investment.


4. Automotive Detailing Business

If you're hoping to own your own business, this is not the way to start your career as an entrepreneur.


5. Breast Pump

Your newborn's nutrition is probably not something you want to mess with.


6. Kid's Potty

You don't know who has sat on this thing.


7. Dental Treatments

Are you sure you want a bartering dentist putting a drill in your mouth? We didn't think so.


8. Contact Lenses

You should have a doctor write you a prescription before purchasing contact lenses online.


9. Child's Medical Boot

You should get a doctor's opinion before equipping your child in a used medical boot.


10. Toothbrushes

It's your health we're concerned about, not ours.


11. Indoor Yard for Your Pet

If you would like to put another dog's toilet in the middle of your living room, be our guest. Just don't invite us over, please.


12. Tattoo Guns

If it's forever, you might as well be safe.


13. Weight Loss Formula

If you're into incredibly unverifiable products sold online, this weight loss formula might be for you.


14. Unsuitable Toilets

We challenge you to think of one good use for a device that used to hold a stranger's poo.


15. Dog

As precious as this pup is, you're better off adopting from a reputable shelter.


16. Soil

That's one way to start a DIY project.

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Craigslist is probably the most eclectic listing of stuff ever compiled onto one domain.

While enough trolling may score you some one-of-a-kind vintage finds, there are plenty of things you should steer clear of. Think opened foods, prescription medications or pretty much anything found in a bathroom.

We know you're all savvy Internet users who wouldn't fall for these kinds of buys. You may, however, be tickled by some of the crazy household items Craigslist users try to sell — or even give away for free — to other users.

We rounded up 16 products posted on Craigslist no one should be purchasing. We didn't link to the products, because the links expire. But of course, if you're listening to our advice, you wouldn't be interested in purchasing, anyway...right?


8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on Craigslist

1. Watch 'Craigslist TV'

Craigslist TV is the site's own video channel, highlighting real people who post on Craigslist. Recent episodes include a woman looking for a gay best friend and a roller derby team looking for new recruits.

Image courtesy of Craigslist


2. Ask and Answer Questions in Forums

In Craigslist's discussion forums, you can ask questions from how to fix your Apple product to how to cure your insomnia.

There's no guarantee that the people answering your questions are right (be wary), but there is a rating system that can help bring the best topics to the top.

Image courtesy of Craigslist


3. Read Craigslist's Blog

Craigslist maintains its own blog (the design of which is just as sparse as the main site), highlighting posts that have been covered in the news or are otherwise noteworthy.

Note: The blog doesn't seem to be updated often, though since the beginning of January, there seems to be more posts than usual.

Image courtesy of Craigslist


4. Apply for Charitable Grants

The charitable arm of Craigslist offers grants to 501(c)3 non-profits and sponsored organizations working in social justice, human rights, journalism and other areas.

Image courtesy of Craigslist


5. View the Best of Craigslist

Craigslist's "Best Of" section lists hilarious and odd finds across the site, from ads looking for an R. Kelly impersonator to free stuff with the directions, "JUST TAKE THE STUFF BEFORE THE ORCS GET IT."

Image courtesy of Craigslist


6. Post Your Resume

You already knew that you could find jobs on Craigslist, but did you know that jobs could find you? The "resumes" section at the bottom right of the homepage lets you post your credentials, helping you find more opportunities.

Image courtesy of Craigslist


7. Barter Instead of Buy

Craigslist's bartering page lets you trade the stuff you don't want for the stuff you do.

Image courtesy of Craigslist


8. Make Quick Cash From Odd Jobs

The "Gigs" section allows you to peruse extremely temporary jobs, from cleaning someone's house to designing someone's website.

Image courtesy of Craigslist

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Craigslist isn't designed for content discovery. Usually we know what we want — a cheap dining room table, a solid internship, a non-sketchy apartment — and we search for it with tunnel vision.

As a result, we can miss a lot that the site offers. Between a special YouTube channel, forums on a variety of topics and even a charitable grant program, there's more on Craigslist than you may have thought.

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