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HubSpot: All-In-One Marketing Software !

Marketing Software

HubSpot brings your whole marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system.

Search Engine Optimization: Make sure your site gets found

You don't need to hire that SEO expert. HubSpot's built-in search engine optimization makes it easy to pick the right keywords and find link-building opportunities that increase your website's search rank.

  • Keyword Analysis: Find and track your most effective keywords.
  • Link Tracking: Track inbound links and the leads they're generating.
  • Page-Level SEO: Diagnose and fix poorly ranking sites.

Blogging Software: Attract prospects with great content

HubSpot's blogging software is designed for businesses. It's integrated with the rest of your marketing tools, and it makes it easy to create remarkable content that will help your business get found.

  • Blogging Software and Analytics: Create and measure your blog.
  • SEO Tips: Get automatic SEO tips as you create your blog posts.
  • Content Conversion Analysis: See which of your blog articles are generating the most leads and converting the most leads to customers.

Social Media: Engage prospects and convert them to customers.

HubSpot's blogging software, social media tools and website management system make it easy to create remarkable content that will help you get found.

  • All-in-One Social Publishing: Publish and track Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts from one dashboard.
  • Social Lead Tracking See which of your contacts, leads and customers are engaging with your social activity.
  • Social Lead Nurturing Use your contacts' social activity to trigger or multi-channel marketing automation campaigns.

Calls-to-Action: Personalize offers for each visitor

Customizing your leads' experience doesn't have to stop at email. As a marketer, you should be able to control the content and types of offers that your prospects, leads, and customers see on your site. HubSpot 3 gives you the same power as Amazon or Netflix has to segment your leads and choose which offers to show them on your website. This represents a huge step forward for marketers everywhere.

  • Segment: Create dynamic segments based on data and behavior.
  • Customize: Automatically shift your CTAs to reflect the interests of whoever is looking at them.
  • A/B Test: A/B test your CTAs, find out which messages increase clicks and conversions.
CTA Builder Available in BasicProfessionalEnterprise
A/B Testing Standard CTAs Enterprise

Landing Pages: It's easier than ever to build great landing pages

Landing pages are your best means of capturing inbound leads. And as a marketer, you need to create a lot of them. HubSpot3 makes it even easier to build beautiful, testable, analytical landing pages that are designed to help you increase conversions and drive campaigns.

  • Easy: Easy to create, no HTML required. Build new landing pages whenever you want.
  • A/B Testing: A/B test your landing pages to increase conversions.
  • Design: Beautiful responsive templates that have been tested across browsers and mobile devices..
  • Analyze: Analyze your landing page conversions and improve your performance.
  • Launch: Use integrations with email and social media to launch campaigns directly from your landing pages.
A/B testing available in Enterprise

Lead Management: Finally, a centralized marketing database

For years, marketers have lacked a single, centralized database. We've had to manage multiple lists, and put up with the need for constant downloading, merging, deduping, and uploading. With HubSpot 3, you'll have the most scaleable, powerful marketing database ever created. No other system lets you maintain and work with all this data. It's the only database you'll ever want or need.

  • Lead Intelligence Timeline: Track every page view & form submission for each and every lead.
  • Social Media: Automatically look up and track social interactions.
  • Custom Fields: Create, capture & upload custom fields.
  • Smart Lists: Build dynamic segments based on each and every field, download, and event.

Email Marketing: The next generation of email for marketers

Now more than ever, it's important to send emails that are relevant to your leads. HubSpot 3 is the only email platform connected directly to your marketing contacts database, so it can make your content more personalized and your emails more likely to be opened and acted upon by your leads.

  • Build: Quickly and easily create well designed, effective emails.
  • Personalize: Target specific segments and personalize your sender, subject, and message body content.
  • Design: Build your own custom email templates or use one of our mobile-friendly templates.
  • Analyze: Track delivery, opens, and clicks and maintain engagement records for every contact.

Marketing Automation: A better way to nurture your leads

As a marketer, your most valuable asset is your marketing database. But your database is only as powerful as you make it. HubSpot 3 makes it easy to build targeted segments and workflows based your contact information, lifecycle stage, and behavior -- which in turn lets you nurture them effectively through your entire sales and marketing process.

  • Segments: Use smart lists to create targeted segments and automatically nurture them.
  • Email: Trigger emails based on downloads, property changes, pageviews, or clicks.
  • Update: Use workflows to update contact properties and add or remove leads from lists.
  • Score: Create customized lead scores based on lead activity.
Available in ProfessionalEnterprise

Analytics: Fully integrated analytics, built for marketers

The marketing analytics tools in HubSpot 3 make it easy to calculate the ROI of everything you do in your marketing universe. Every channel and every touch point with your prospects is boiled down to the most important metrics - the number and quality of leads and customers it actually drives - and it all happens automatically.

  • Sources: Track all of your marketing efforts, both online and offline, in one clean, intuitive interface.
  • Events: HubSpot 3's Enterprise package features powerful event-driven analytics, allowing you to easily track even the most granular activities on your website.
  • People-centric: In HubSpot, real people live at the center of your marketing analytics. Build segments and personas, and begin to understand the real people behind the numbers.

Apps and services to meet any marketing need

In addition to HubSpot's all-in-one system, you'll also get instant access to the largest collection of marketing apps and services on the internet. Every month, new apps, integrations and service providers get added to the HubSpot app and service marketplace to help you increase your marketing efficiency. Below are a few examples:

    Integrate with your CRM

  • Connect HubSpot to Your account with our connector.
  • Sync your Microsoft Dynamics system with HubSpot.
  • Connect your NetSuite CRM with HubSpot.
    • Increase productivity

    • Track your marketing tasks inside your HubSpot marketing dashboard.
    • Hire a blogger, and get your blog posts delivered right inside your HubSpot account.
    • Track your revenue and customer acquisition through paid search.
      • Connect with other systems

      • Connect your shopping cart with HubSpot; track which channels are driving purchases.
      • Use your Facebook page to capture leads.
      • Import your Gmail contacts into HubSpot.

Learn more about all the amazing features in HubSpot Marketplace

Tools for Marketers Around the World

HubSpot's powerful, integrated marketing tools make it easy to market in any country.

  • Build landing pages and other CMS pages in any language.
  • Send workflow emails at optimal times for any time zone.
  • Get localised SEO data based on your country.
  • Comply with EU cookie laws with easy-to-use privacy settings and uninterrupted lead intelligence gathering.

All of the above, plus amazing service & support

  • Consultative sales process

    If you're new to the HubSpot marketing platform and have questions about it, we would be happy to demonstrate exactly how it works in detail. We'll show you how HubSpot can immediately improve your marketing.

    Talk to a HubSpot inbound marketing specialist today.

  • Unlimited technical support

    HubSpot's support team is always at the ready to help you, whether you're just starting on day 1 or planning an advanced campaign on day 1,000. We'll help you get setup, configure the software for your particular needs, and provide resources to keep your marketing engine up and running. We're like your marketing IT team.

  • World-class consulting

    Our team of world-class marketing consultants can offer personalized help that takes your marketing to the next level. We'll help you set up lead nurturing campaigns, strengthen your marketing message, and improve your calls-to-action. We're here to turn you into a lean, mean, inbound marketing machine.

    More on HubSpot Consulting

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