Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Notah Begay calls Redskins nickname ‘institutionalized degradation’ !

AP: Omaha Tribe seeks water pipe solution


The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska is researching prices and the processes for either repairing or replacing its problem-plagued water system in the reservation city of Macy. The city has been under a boil advisory since Jan. 27, after a water-main pipe next to the Omaha Nation Public School broke. Breaks and leaks have been reported since late January. Older lines are vulnerable during temperature swings. Officials said each time repairs are made, more breaks occur as water pressure returns to the system. The tribe is under a 2011 Environmental Protection Agency order to upgrade the system.


WashPost: Notah Begay calls Redskins nickname ‘institutionalized degradation’


When white columnists like Mike Wise or Robert McCartney write about the Redskins nickname, a whole bunch of Skins fans say they aren’t interested in hearing from the guilt-ridden liberal white media, that this isn’t their cause. When media members covered the Smithsonian symposium on Native American nicknames in sports, a whole bunch of Redskins fans said they were only interested in hearing from actual Natives, and not “activists.” When a Native American congressman from Oklahoma said the nickname was “very offensive,” a whole bunch of Redskins fans said he was only saying so because he was a Cowboys fan.


Hualapai Tribe to appeal $28M arbitration ruling


The Hualapai Tribe says it will appeal a ruling that puts its business arm on the hook for $28 million. A federal court recently upheld the judgment in favor of David Jin, a Las Vegas developer who paid to have the Grand Canyon Skywalk built on tribal land. A spokesman for the tribe said Monday that it will meet the deadline for challenging the ruling with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


What’s Changed Since the BIA Took Over at Spirit Lake?


It’s been nearly five months since the federal government took control of child services on a remote Native American reservation in North Dakota. The unusual move came after years of allegations of child abuse and tribal mismanagement of social services, including children who were placed in homes with registered sex offenders, or returned to abusive or substance-addicted parents.

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