Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sitting Bull ceremonial tomahawk head

Dear Friends:

My grandfather, Paul Shepersky b. 1869, was given a stone spoon and ceremonial tomahawk head by relatives of Sitting

Bull in the 1907-1911 time frame.

After his parents died he and a couple brothers were placed in a school for Indian boys and a few white orphans run by the

Catholic Church. 

He became a Methodist pastor and in 1907-1911 proved up a claim near Cherry Creek & Cheyenne River, was a pastor to

settlers and brought the words of Jesus in Sioux on the reservation. Because of this he was given the items they said had

belonged to Sitting Bull.

My father was born in 1902 and was given the items by his father. My father gave them to me. I gave them to Klein

Museum in Mobridge, SD. Paul's youngest daughter lives in New Jersey and also authenticates the items.


Allen D. Shepersky    

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