Monday, December 5, 2011

Studying Buddhism in Practice

Studying Buddhism in Practice

Edited by John S. Harding

Series Editor: Hillary P. Rodrigues

Published December 2nd 2011 by Routledge – 182 pages

Series: Studying Religions in Practice!/saved-search/buddha

We are shaped by our thoughts; 
we become what we think. 

When the mind is pure, 
joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." 

~Buddha 563 BC

This book introduces the rich realities of the Buddhist tradition and the academic approaches through which they are studied. Based on personal experiences of Buddhism on the ground, it provides a reflective context within which religious practices can be understood and appreciated. The engaging narratives cover a broad range of Buddhist countries and traditions, drawing on fieldwork to explore topics such as ordination, pilgrimage, funerals, gender roles, and film-making. All the entries provide valuable contextual discussion and are accompanied by photographs and suggestions for further reading.

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