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Mexico Resources on the Internet. !

I have compiled a summary of electronic lists regarding Mexico and Mexican 
issues on the Internet.  As can be observed in this list, the number of 
discussion forums about Mexico is rapidly increasing, in some cases with 
some lists duplicating efforts or subjects already covered in other 
forums, which results in an improductive segmentation of audiences.  I am 
sending this summary to the Mexican lists in order to inform members of 
the available discussion forums regarding Mexico on the Internet, and 
hopefully to encourage the merging of lists, sharing of audiences, or 
clarification of lists objectives. Most of the lists shown here are 
bilingual (spanish-english). Note to list-owners:  If you want to add, 
modify or change anything about your list description, please e-mail 
directly to me. 

Jose A. Briones 
CHIAPAS-L: Chiapas Discussion. 
Owners: Arturo Grunstein<> and 
Nicole Wolf <>.   
Members: ~400.   
Languages: Spanish and English. 

CHIAPAS-L is an open, unmoderated discussion list concerning the 
conflict in the state of Chiapas, Mexico and its ongoing status. 
New papers on the subject are welcome. Press releases are also covered. 
Archives of CHIAPAS-L mail items are kept in monthly files.  You may 
obtain a list of files in the archives by sending the command: 
  index CHIAPAS-L 

in the BODY of e-mail to "" 

To subscribe, send the command 

  sub chiapas-l yourfirstname yourlastname 

in the BODY of a mail message to "" 

For example: sub chiapas-l Kukulkan 

To delete your subscription to the list, send the command:  unsub chiapas-l 

in the BODY of a mail message to "" 

Post Messages to: 

The CHIAPAS list is archived at:  gopher 
path:  foros locales/Chiapas 
or path:  foros locales/Mexico94 (for mexico news) 
        List targeted to Mexican Students obtaining degrees outside 
        Mexico and sponsored by the Mexican institution CONACYT. 

1) Para inscribirse a la lista de Conacyt, hay que enviar un mensaje 
   al administrador a: 
   El administrador es Ignacio Celis. No hay forma "automatica" 
   de darse de alta. 
EDUCACION       PROFMEXIS Forum on Mexican Higher Education 
In this PROFMEXIS forum, we would like to open for debate university crisis, 
higher educational quality, current higher education policy, and their histor 
ical antecendents. Fairly new list.   
1. Para subcribirse al foro. -Enviar un correo electronico a: 


   -En el mensaje indicar (NO en el SUBJECT): 

            subscribe educacion direccion_electronica 

            Ej.) subscribe educacion 

2. Para participar en el foro.- Enviar un mensaje de correo a la  direccion: 


   Owners:   Arturo Grunstein 
             Nicole Wolf 
FRONTERA    PROFMEXIS Forum on U.S.-Mexican Border Issues  Spanish-English 
        Medio, Infraestructura, Relaciones Chicano-Mexicano.." 
        Research on U.S.-Mexico Border area: 
        1. management of urban services and policy planning in the greater me 
        tropolitan area; 
        2. water, hazardous waste, and public policy; 
        3. environmental pollution and health issues; 
        4. public housing, irregular settlementss, and the informal sector. 
        Fairly new list.   

1. Para subcribirse al foro.   -Enviar un correo electronico a: 


   -En el mensaje indicar (NO en el SUBJECT): 

            subscribe frontera direccion_electronica 
            Ej.) subscribe frontera 

2. Para participar en el foro. Enviar un mensaje de correo a la direccion: 


Owners:      Arturo Grunstein 
             Nicole Wolf 
MEXICO-L: Knowing Mexico, People, Places & Culture. 
          General subjects on Mexico.   
 To subscribe send a message to:<> 
saying:  Subscribe Mexico-L e-mail address 
To post messages: <>.   
NOTE: This list is currently being resucitated from a hiatus 
caused by technical problems.  If you have problems with the 
list, or if you are a member and have not received any messages 
in the past month, please contact the list owners. 
This list is the Grandaddy of all Mexican discussion lists.  Started 
activity at tecmtyvm on or before 1989.  Later moved to udlapvms.   
~350  members.  Did not stick to any particular subject. 
Owners:  Luis Gerardo Marin: 
Alfredo de Regil: 
MEXLISTA - Texas Mexico Initiative.  Members: ~110 
Mexlista is designed  to be a means of communication among individuals at 
Texas A&M University that have contact with Mexican institutions and/or 
 are interested in developing relationships in Mexico. 
To Subscribe, send an e-mail message to and type 
subscribe mexlista yourfirstname yourlastname. For example if John Smith 
wanted to subscribe, he would type:  subscribe mexlista John Smith. 
MEXICOF   Mexico Focus Group Owner: Ida Baca. 
        Mexico discussion group formed by scholars of New Mexico State Univ. Open only to NMSU faculty,students and staff. 
List established in April 1994 to discuss the political transitions in 
Mexico--rebellion, assasination, Elections, political parties, 
prospects for democracy.  Social changes and economic consequences of 
government policies, NAFTA, Exchange rates, Mexican economy, peso.   
Also includes informal Mexican news services provided by list members 
Members: ~375.  Fairly active list. English-Spanish. 
 >>> Discussions limited to subjects covered by forum<<<. 
 Messages from this list get regularly reposted/copied to the 
 USENET newsgroup soc.culture.mexican 

Listowners: Arturo Grunstein <> 
and Nicole Wolf <>. 

1. To Subscribe, send a message to: 


   -Indicating in the body of the message (not in the subject) 

             subscribe listname e-mailaddress 
         Ej.) subscribe mexico94 

2. To participate, send a message to: 


4. To unsubscribe, send a message to:: 


   -Indicating in the body of the message (not in the subject): 

            unsubscribe mexico94 

      Note:  do not write the name of the user 
MEXPAZ Information Service 
  Mexpaz will form  an  editorial  team  whch will  produce  the 
  information and analysis and translate them into English.  Each 
  week there  will be a  new number  of a  bulletin in three 
  chapters, entitled:  National Information,  General Analysis and 
  Chiapas.  As well, we shall  provide a forum for questions  to 
  do  with solidarity  and action  alerts that will be called:  Solidarity. 

     2) The bulletin will  be sent from  the Iberoamerican 
  University here in Mexico City  to all those who  want it once 
  they have  subscribed to  this service (cost  free).  The 
  technical details for subscription are below. 

     4) The chapters will deal with the following themes: 

     Information: on Mexico generally,  using a chronology and a 
  synthesis of  the political,  economic and  social aspects as 
  well as a <<miscellaneous>> section.  The same information is 
  usually posted  on the APC network  in the conference 
  <<reg.mexico>>   with   the  title   <<Mexico Update>>. 
     Analysis:a general  evaluation  of  the situation  in Mexico 

     Chiapas: concrete developments in the peace process 

     The forum,  <<Solidarity>>:    distinct  elements  of 
  civil society  in Mexico  will post  here initiatives  or 
  concrete proposals  for those  involved in  international 
  solidarity with Mexico.  It will also include urgent news items 
  and  information on  specific  conflicts. For  this reason, we 
  ask you to maintain your participation to this forum very much 
  to the point.  We shall reserve the right to restrict access to 
  this latter forum. 

     5). In order to subscribe you can send mail to: 

     placing the following command in the text-body of the 
  message for the corresponding chapter: 

     To receive:                Write  in   the  message: 

     Information (English)      subscribe information <your name> 
     Informacion (Spanish)      subscribe informacion <tu nombre> 

     Analysis (English)         subscribe analysis <your name> 
     Analisis (Spanish)         subscribe analisis  <tu nombre> 

     Chiapas (English)          subscribe chiapas-eng <your name> 
     Chiapas (Spanish)          subscribe chiapas-esp <tu nombre> 

     Solidarity                 subscribe solidarity <your name> 
     Solidaridad                subscribe solidaridad <tu nombre> 

     If you choose to subscribe to various or all four,merely send a mail 
message with the correct entry in the text-body of each one. 
     In order  to unsubscribe,  follow the  same procedure using 
  the word <<unsubscribe>> in place  of <<subscribe>> in the  examples above. 

     If you have  questions concerning  technical matters, you can 
  send them to the same  address with <<technical>> in the 
  <<Subject:>>  field of the  message.  If  you have questions 
  concerning the  content of  the information  or need to clarify 
  something, send mail to  the same address with <<coordinador>> 
  in the  <<Subject:>>  field of  the message.  Please note the spelling! 
 NA...@MEXNET.ORG  Discussion list on NAFTA.  Very little activity in 1994. 
It is not clear if this group is still active. 
 To subscribe, send message to 
NOTIPAEZ:      Mexican news from _La Jornada_.   

Subject:  Mexican news from the mexican newspaper "La Jornada" (in Spanish) 

Moderator: Paez Cardenas, Javier-FC <> 

To subscribe send a message to : 
Including:   SUBSCRIBE NOTIPAEZ  <name of subscriber> 

Archive:  ftp  directory:  notipaez 
US_MEXBORDER: To subscribe send a message to 
<>.  To post to the list 
<>.  The listowner is Judy Calem 
<>.  A forum established by the US-EPA 
(Environmental Protection Agency) in August 1994, to begin a dialogue in 
the US, Mexico, and elsewhere among individuals and groups conducting 
research or work concerning the US/Mexico border environment. 
187 Resist:  List about Proposition 187 

A new e-mail list has been established to get information out about the 
anti-187 movement to activists across the country. 
To subscribe to information about the movement against 187, send a 
message to: 
In the body of the message, type: sub 187-L YourFirstName YourLastName 
i.e. sub 187-L Jane Smith 
A just created list to allow debate and strategy discussions on how to 
fight against Prop 187 and the right-wing movement behind it.  This will 
include the pros and cons of certain strategies, how to link other racist 
attacks like "three strikes" laws to the fight against 187, and how world 
economic issues like NAFTA relate to immigration fights. 
To Subcribe, send a message to: 
In the Subject: line--NOT THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE, THE SUBJECT: line, type: 

Subject: sub 187politics 

To unsubscribe, send a message to in 
the Subject: line-- signoff 187politics 
  The purposes of this list are to disseminate news and organize 
  responsible activism in immigration policy reforms. 
  If you wish to be added to the e-mail list, please send a message 
Its URL is: 
  (Note that it is ftp, not http.  This does not matter; any Web 
  browser, e.g. mosaic or lynx, works fine.) 


soc.culture.mexican is  very active.  Assorted subjects are discussed. 
If you have a question about Mexico and do not know where to post it, 
this is a very good place.  Most of the time you will get a quick response. 

To read USENET news you must have access via a news reader on your local 
system or through access to another system. Find out about local access by 
contacting your computer center or other internet access provider.  For 
example, the Peacenet and other IGC networks provide access to Usenet News.   

If you do not have access to a USENET news reader, you can still send 
an e-mail message to 
and ask that the answers be sent directly to your e-mail address. 
These newsgroups discuss almost anything relating to society, 
politics, travel, culture, etc. for the regions described.  The groups 
sometimes include postings from newspapers and wire services. 
Bilingual.  Spanish-English.  Much info is cross-posted 
to other lists. USENET groups often have a regular posting called an   
FAQ (frequently asked questions) that provides a lot of good information 
about the content and culture of the list 
WWW Web Mexican Sites 

List of www servers in Mexico 

"Mexico Out of Balance" web site 
  info:  George Gundrey 

Mexican WWW Home Page



    Owner:  Glenn Welker 

Mexican Politics 

Check out also the EZLN page at the URL 
   A frequently-updated homepage devoted to the EZLN and related issues. 

The Zapatista uprising is discussed in the context of changing 
gender relations in the Lacandon rainforest in an interview between 
Lourdes Arizpe and Cindy Duffy, transcribed and posted to the Net at 

Mexican tourism, cuisine, football, literature 
  owner:  Daniel German 

Tourist information on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, with links to others. 
 Owner: Tom Penick 

Mexican Universities WEB sites 

University of Veracruz 
    >From here you can pick the country. 

University of Guadalajara    

New WWW Interphase for soc.culture mexican Newsgroup and FAQs 
    Owner: (Ricardo J Salvador) 
        (Victor Mendoza Grado) 

*Read the charter of the newsgroup 
*Read articles posted to soc.culture.mexican (if your browser supports this 
   feature and you have access to a newsfeed) 
*Read the answers to frequently asked questions, enhanced by graphical and 
   audio information (still under development) 
*Branch to related WWW servers dealing with Mexican topics 
Frequently asked questions in soc.culture.mexican are also available at 
 however, no "hyper-links" to the actual FAQ files are implemented at this 
 site this time. 

Canciones Mexicanas 

    Las Posadas (y otras canciones) los puedes encontrar por ftp anonimo en ( Busca en el directorio pub/mexico/faqs. 
 Una vez en ese directorio, busca el archivo CANCION. Es un archivo largo 
 con corridos y otras canciones. 

Gopher address for downloading the "Mexican Constitution": (in Spanish) 

WWW Home Page for the Internet Law Library for Mexico: 

WEB site which includes Mexican resources. The URL is 
 For photos of Mexico, the URL is: 
 Owner: Don Mabry              

The Definitive Latin American Connection 
 Collection. It has just about ALL links to WWW servers in Spanish Speaking 
 countries and Latin America. the url is 
 My home page is at 


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