Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SB 3007 - Testimony for Indigenous Peoples' Day !!

Aloha kakou y guatiao!

Just a quick note to inform you that the "Resolution" from last year to rename "Discoverers' Day" in Hawai'i to Indigenous Peoples' Day has now been written up as a "Bill." For the name change to occur, the legislation has to be put in Bill form, as it is now. So we're on the cusp of the proposed change becoming a reality. The Senate Bill will be heard this Wednesday (2/22) at the Hawai'i State Capitol in Room 016 at 1:15pm.

I'm asking to see if you could take a couple of minutes to submit testimony, or the sample testimony provided below, or just click on the "Support" button? You just need to click on the web link below and everything is pretty much self explanatory. They ask to submit the testimony 24 hours in advance (so that would be by Tues. at 1:15pm hst or by Tues. at 6:15pm est). However, late testimony is accepted but is, I guess, considered "late."

Please email me at: castanha@hawaii.edu if you have any questions. Your support is greatly appreciate!

*Sample testimony for SB 3007 (to cut and paste into "Additional Comments":

Aloha. The use of names carries important meaning and symbolizes the values we place on our society. The name "Discoverers' Day" in Hawai'i unwittingly reflects and condones a history based on subjugation. The fifteenth century Western concept of discovery established Christian dominion over non-Christians that allowed for their enslavement and the taking of their lands. Countless numbers of indigenous peoples subsequently perished worldwide as a result of the European "discovery" and colonization process. Today, an increasing number of American states, cities, local governments, and institutions have renamed or abolished "Columbus Day," which is synonymous with the concept of discovery and the recognition of a "Discoverers' Day." Therefore, it is requested that the name of this day in Hawai'i be changed to Indigenous Peoples' Day to support and stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples around the world. Thank you.


E malama pono,


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