Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stop the industrialization of the Grand Canyon area !!

Dear Friends,
The last thing you want to find when visiting the Grand Canyon is industrial development and uranium mines. But if the deep-pocketed mining industry gets its way, more than 26 new uranium mines will be created adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park.

ruthjustice's legal experts are working tirelessly to defend the Grand Canyon area, but the mining industry is a powerful opponent. Will you give a gift today to support our efforts? 


We desperately need these funds, and we need YOUR help to reach this $25,000 goal. Please donate to Earthjustice and have your gift matched dollar-for-dollar in February: 


Recently, the Interior Department prohibited new mining claims in the Grand Canyon region over the next 20 years, but the mining industry is fighting back in court. One mining proponent has already filed a complaint in federal court in Arizona seeking to reverse the decision, and additional mining interests have vowed to attack soon.

PLease give an emergency gift that will be matched dollar-for-dollar today to help protect the Grand Canyon from an onslaught of new destructive and polluting mines: 


If we win in court, Earthjustice's legal experts will protect the Grand Canyon against new mining claims over the next 20 years.

is critical that we act now. And we need your support today to protect this iconic region for the long haul: 


If the mining industry undermines protections for the region, the Grand Canyon area will see:

* the loss of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat
Colorado River and the Grand Canyon watersheds
* the consumption of hundreds of millions of gallons o
* an increased threat of uranium contamination in the
Cf water by mining operations
* new roads and power lines surrounding the park
into the air
* 700 new uranium exploration projects, industrializing the wild lands we have
* more than 300,000 trips from ore hauling trucks, which could spew uranium du
s fought so hard to protect

it is already responsible for contaminating water in Grand Canyon National Park. To this day, hikers are warned not to drink water from several creeks due to uranium contamination. Help us stop uranium mining from threatening the Grand Canyon even further.

your urgent gift doubled in value to protect this magnificent place using the power of the courts: 


Thank you for your support,

Trip Van Noppen
President, Earthjustice
online can often help us win battles outside of the courtroom. In this case, the mining industry is a powerful opponent, and we anticipate a long legal battle ahead of us. Please take the next step, and donate now to help us win. And today, thanks to the Sandler Foundation, your gift to support our work will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000. 


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