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Navy's Attack On Mammals / Ringed Seals in Danger !!

Stopping Navy's Sonar Assault
Collateral damage -- the accidental injury and death of innocents in warfare -- is often unavoidable, but there's no excuse for that to happen in peacetime. That's why Earthjustice is suing over the Navy's training exercises that inflict harm on marine mammals along the coast from northern California to the Canadian border. * Watch video: "Orcas and Navy Sonar" * Save Endangered Whales!
Support our work in court to protect endangered whales and other marine mammals from the impacts of naval warfare training. Make a special gift today.
Donate now: It's Past Time For Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency standards for appliances and buildings have been languishing for months. It's time for the Obama administration to set them free and let the nation start using less energy in our daily lives, says Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen. ********************* unEARTHED Tr-Ash Talk: Mining for two-headed fish. The Zuke: Still a mirage after all these years. ********************* IN THE NEWS Oregon: Coal's Latest Target
Dredging of Coos Bay, the largest project of its kind in state history, could severely harm waterways that serve as salmon and oyster habitat, and that in turn support commercial and recreational fisheries. It also is linked to a proposed coal export terminal. Earthjustice is appealing the dredging permit.
Coral-Grazing Parrotfish Threatened
Coral reefs in the Caribbean survive partly through the habits of parrotfish, which graze on algae that would otherwise stunt the corals' growth. An increase in fishing for parrotfish -- recently approved by the National Marine Fisheries Service -- could spell doom for the reefs, which are already in sharp decline. An Earthjustice lawsuit seeks to rectify the situation. ********************* IN THE WIN COLUMN Roadless Coal Permit Overturned
In a stunning irony last fall, the Forest Service approved a major expansion of a Colorado coal mine into a pristine roadless area just days after the federal appeals court in Denver confirmed that the agency has the authority and responsibility to protect roadless areas. Earthjustice appealed the decision and on Valentine's Day the regional office of the agency overturned the permit. Relief For Florida's Waterways
In less than three weeks, enforceable new limits must go into effect on pollutants that cause Florida's massive, toxic, green algae outbreaks, a federal judge ruled. The court order affirms Earthjustice litigation and ends a decade of delays in setting limits on sewage, manure and fertilizer contamination of state waterways.
Court Crushes Kansas Coal
Earthjustice and its allies scored a major victory in a 5-year battle to stop a polluting, unnecessary coal plant expansion in Kansas. A federal judge ruled that a full environmental study of the plant proposal must be done. At issue are massive subsidies through the Department of Agriculture. Seal Lions Win Food Fight
Endangered Steller sea lions -- driven to starvation by unfair competition with huge fish trawlers -- are getting help from a court decision in part won by Earthjustice. A ruling keeps intact regulations that protect sea lion population by regulating fishing by the giant ships. Try Again -- Harder, Says Court
Responding to an Earthjustice lawsuit, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a weak cleanup plan to reduce emissions of smog-causing pollutants in the Central Valley of California. Try again, the court told the Environmental Protection Agency. ********************* Join Florida's Anti-Slime Brigade! More than 16.000 citizens already have sent letters to President Obama, asking that his EPA cleanse Florida's waters of toxic algae and other poisons. Add your voice to theirs -- tell the White House to set strong limits for sewage, manure and fertilizer in Florida waters. ********************* TEXT TOO TINY? e.Brief is now available in LARGE PRINT! Read e.Brief in large print on our website: ********************* WHO WE ARE Earthjustice is the nation's leading, non-profit law firm for the environment. To learn more about our work, visit our website: ********************* CONNECT WITH EARTHJUSTICE Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Ringed Seals in Danger

Stop Risky Arctic Drilling

Ringed Seal

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Dear Friends,

Last week, a bill to expand oil and gas drilling in pristine Arctic wilderness passed in the U.S. House of Representatives--putting ringed seals at needless risk.

However, Congress still has the power to stop this reckless plan in its tracks by opposing the transportation bill in the coming weeks--and they need to hear from you!

Speak up for ringed seals by urging your members of Congress to oppose using Arctic drilling revenues to fund the transportation bill.

Ringed seals living off the coast of Alaska are already struggling to survive as their sea ice habitat continues to disappear due to rising global temperatures. That's why it's more important than ever to keep them safe from additional stresses like oil and gas drilling

The extreme conditions of the Arctic would render oil spill cleanup essentially useless--making it impossible to save ringed seals suffering from organ damage as a result of ingesting oil, or to rescue seals suffering from hypothermia after being covered in oil.

Help protect ringed seals from the next oil disaster by urging your members of Congress to protect the Arctic from risky oil and gas drilling.

Drilling in the Arctic will not solve our nation's energy needs in either the short-term or the long-term. Instead, it will destroy important wildlife habitat and could lead to devastating spills, while boosting Big Oil's billions of dollars in profits.

In addition to drastically increasing oil and gas drilling in ringed seal habitat, this abysmal bill also strips funding from public transportation, and eliminates a program dedicated to making it easier for kids to connect with nature!

This is our chance to protect ringed seals from the next oil disaster and conserve one of the world's last pristine wilderness areas.

Speak up today to protect ringed seals and other cherished wildlife from risky Arctic drilling.

Thanks for all you do for wildlife!


Sue Brown
Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
Twitter: @wildlifeaction
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