Thursday, February 16, 2012

Warrior's Gallery

The mystical nature and culture of the Native American tribes fascinated me so much I became irresistibly drawn into learning about their way of life. Noble Chiefs and Courageous Warriors, the history, the character, and heritage of these proud people often mistakenly referred to as Indians. Native American Tribes, a nation with customs and languages that will hold an enduring heritage within this natural world, the traditions and values of these people, their lands so sacred and valuable they viewed themselves only as caretakers and never owners.

Even pressure from Euro-Americans often with devastating effects on Indian Society, the Native Groups still maintained their historic cultures with many unbroken links to their past. American Indians belief systems, and philosophies, along with their practical knowledge guided them in daily life that related to the world around them is a concept shared by all the Native Americans Tribes.

A chance meeting one day with Brian Tozer, a Ceramic Artist developed into an interesting discussion, it appeared we both shared a common interest in the Native American people. The character of the individual styles, dress and aspects of the Indians lives. Such genuine people with so much character, their powerful faces and colorful dress fascinated Brian.

Crow Warrior

Hopi Warriors

Hopi Snake Dancer

Lakota Warriors


Jack Red Cloud


Many Horns

Navajo Warriors

Ute Warriors


Apache Warriors


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