Thursday, March 29, 2012

S*** people say to native americans - BLATANT RACISM !!!

When people refer to traditionalist Native Americans all of a sudden everybody says "Oh well, there must be some teepees around here. Let's look for the people that have got all the blankets on." 

That is not a proper way to view traditionalism. 

Traditionalism is the representation and continuum of a culture that has been here from time immemorial and that demands respect.

If you think you can talk us out of existence, you cannot.

Seriously? We Native Americans shouldn't be treated as a joke I'm really offened by this video you put up We were actually the first people to roam this country and state with love and care Now look at what your doin to nature. 

Native Americans should be treated with respect The white men forced our ancestors to walk and suffer on the "Long Walk" why don't you look it up sense you know so much about Native Americans I hope one day karma hits you and gives you cancer from all the cigs your smoking

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