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The Seven Mayan Prophecies ! (see attached files for original Spanish)

The first prophecy announces the end of the present cycle, says that from 1999 they are 13 years, that each man is in the hall the mirrors to find in his own interior his multidimensional nature…. that our sun turns around Halcyon, the central sun of the Pleiads and that both systems, turn around the mind, and in center of the galaxy, in a turn that lasts 200 million years. The Mayans, with the first prophecy want abrir the mind of the man to the galaxy. They leave codified in his calendar the key date for the definitive transformation, Saturday 22 of December of year 2012.

Second prophecy says that the answers to everything are inside the man, who its behavior determines its future, affirms that the humanity is in a while of fundamental transition towards a new way to perceive the universe… The second prophecy shows two ways: one of understanding and tolerance, the other of fear and destruction. In both the necessary lessons for the evolution are learned of brings back to consciousness. We, those are that we must decide what from both we took, are the sky and hell indicated simultaneously. He says us that the humanity goes towards a new time of harmony, that stops to arrive at her, we must face our great fears and accept that the difficult situations we lived, them to learn of them.

The third prophecy says that we must take brings back to consciousness of our influence in the planet not to continue mistaking to us, bringing about its destruction, like it has happened throughout the history… that the processes of industrialization without ecological sense have brought about with their exhausted a general increase in the temperature of the planet, that this will be accentuated with the increase of the activity of the sun, caused by the energy that is received from the center of the galaxy having caused great changes in the climate and winds. They will be energy vortices that will clean the Earth surface, which they are the manifestation of the nonconformity of our planet and the contained elementary energies in his interior.

To the fourth he says us prophecy that the man must finish with his depredadora conduct, to synchronize themselves with the rates of the nature and to adjust to the changes that will take to all the universe to an era of harmony… that the changes in the climate, will produce the melting of the poles, allowing so the Earth is cleaned and turned green again producing great changes in the physical composition of the continents where we lived. All the prophecies look for a change in the mind of the man, because the universe is generating all those processes so that the humanity expands by the galaxy including/understanding its fundamental integrity yet what exists

The fifth prophecy says that all the systems based on the fear, on which our civilization is based all, will simultaneously become with the planet and the man, to take step to a new reality of harmony. The new times of universal harmony, cannot be based on a nonequitable system of distribution of the wealth represented in the money, the virtual wealth, and the financial speculation. The dawn of the galaxy must be based on the DEEP RESPECT of by the other, and in the recognition of which everything what exists, is like another part of each, for that reason, repressive apparatuses will not be needed. " The time of not time" , also it was prophesied on the other cultures and religions. All agrees in which it is on the verge of happening a change of great proportions and at the end of the last turn, approximately at this time it would come a period from chaos that would lead to a new phase of the evolution of brings back to consciousness and to changes without precedents in the man.

The sixth Mayan prophecy says that in the next years it will appear a comet whose trajectory will put in danger the same existence of the man. The Mayans saw comets like change agents who came to put in movement the existing balance, so that certain structures become, allowing the evolution of brings back to consciousness collective, all the things has a place that correspond to them, the all the circumstances, even most adverse are perfect to generate understanding on the life, to develop brings back to consciousness on the creation.

To the seventh it speaks us prophecy of the moment at which in the Solar System in his cyclical turn she leaves at night, to enter the dawn of the galaxy it says, us that in the 13 years which they go of the year 1999 to the 2012, the light emitted from the center of the galaxy, synchronizes all the alive beings and it allows them to accede voluntarily to an internal transformation that produces new realities, which all the human beings have the opportunity to change and to break their limitations receiving a new sense, the communication through thought, the man that voluntarily finds their state of inner peace lifting their vital energy taking their frequency of vital energy of the fear towards the LOVE they will be able to catch and to be expressed through thought, and with him, the new sense will bloom. If the water stops flowing it stops being healthful and it can become rottenness and death instead of to be life It is not chance that you have received east message Tuesday, 27 of March of 2012, shares east message of reflection and hope with which you can and allows that your east spirit preparation for the change that will come. (your you decide the generosity measurement) If it joint parties will not happen anything to you, your friendly and relatives will receive their opportunity of another source, but it is possible that your you are straggler in an egoistic and afraid mentality In that Caso the World would finish for you, because not these preparation for the new cosmic cycle

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