Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twitter War Heats Up Over Health Care Law !!

While the United States Supreme Court forbids tweeting from its courtroom, thousands of people elsewhere have taken to Twitter to talk about the legal battle surrounding the Affordable Care Act, including top Republicans and Democrats. The two parties are now engaged in an all-out digital war to get more support for their side of the health care argument.

During the first day of Supreme Court oral arguments on Monday, “Obamacare” was mentioned more than 43,000 times while the general topic of “healthcare” was discussed more than 72,000 times. About half those tweets were neutral in tone, simply disseminating information about the Supreme Court’s proceedings. Positive and negative tweets both represented about 25% each of the total number of tweets, according to analysis by Topsy Labs.

The “Obamacare” name was originally coined as a pejorative term by Republican opponents of the bill. Many Republicans have been using social media to explain why they’re against the Affordable Care Act and want the Supreme Court to strike it down, and the Republican Party’s website is asking visitors to sign an “anti-Obamacare” petition (so far, more than 7,400 have signed).

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