Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time sheet Time tracking Timecard app

Timesheet(er) time sheet is for you if
➤ you are self employed, employed on a regular basis or just want to keep track of your time and projects
➤ AND you want intuitive, fast and configurable user interface, have daily, weekly, monthly and overall overview, see statistics in pie chart, track your expenses, log time with time clock, export your data to Excel or PDF and do lot more

★★★★★ average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars
➤ over 70000 customers and growing
➤ continuous development - 12 updates in last 12 months

Time sheet / time tracking features:

★ Fast, flexible and configurable "NEW ENTRY", so you can easily put in the time sheet / timecard
- Select your project, task, time start, time end, pause, details or just insert hours worked
- or just select event from your iPhone Calendar as your time sheet entry
- once inserted projects and tasks will be offered for selection
- mark an entry as paid
- hourly and daily rate
- overtime

★ configurable, daily, weekly, monthly and overall "OVERVIEW" of hours and earnings
- OVERTIME (daily overtime, weekly overtime)
- set the start day of the week
- working time, amount earned and overtime will be calculated for day, week, month and for the whole project
- you can navigate through months, delete or edit your time sheet entries.
- you can configure overview look to meet your time keeping needs

★ "STATISTICS" - Pie Chart for your time sheet projects and tasks
- pie chart for your projects
- pie chart for tasks in a project
- detailed hours and earning statistics of your time sheet entries

★ "EXPENSES" with day, week and month overview
- to keep track your project expenses like milage, food, fuel, etc.
- track your expanses by inserting a name, price, quantity, project, date and description
- templates for expenses for fast insertion

★ Battery saving "TIME CLOCK" as time tracker for your time sheet entries
- time clock your entries with clock time in, clock time out, pause time clock, resume time clock and save your time sheet entry
- battery saving (time clock is not working all the time, the time will be calculated, in that way time clock uses no iPhone resources)
- simplest time logging user interface

★ "EXPORT" of your time sheet entries and expenses as CSV (Excel), PDF and TXT file
- Flexible and detailed E-Mail, Dropbox or iTunes export of your time sheet entries and expenses

★ Intelligent "IMPORT" from CSV File
- use Excel to edit your data and import the edited CSV file
- import CSV file from E-Mail attachment or from Dropbox
- import predefined projects and tasks

★ Backup / Restore your database
- backup to E-Mail, Dropbox and iTunes
- restore from E-Mail, Dropbox and iTunes

★ 8 Languages
- english, german, french, italian, spanish, norwegian, swedish, danish

★ lot of "SETTINGS" to configure the app for your needs
- Project configurations (hour rate, overtime settings - weekly overtime, daily overtime)
- default values for projects, task, start time, end time, pause, mail from, mail to
- specify currency and time format (minutes:seconds or decimal time)
- set week start day
- sorting of time sheet entries and expenses in overview
- etc.

★ Constant support
- Send E-Mail Button to report a problem or suggest new time sheet feature
If you have problems, need help or want to suggest new features we will be pleased to support you and implement new features.
Timesheet(er) time sheet / time track - probably the best time and project tracking app!

What's New in Version 3.4.1

3.4.1 Bugfixing

★ Export
- as PDF
- as TXT
- for Windows or Mac OS
- sort time entries by Date, by Project
- select export fields
- export field order

★ New time entry
- per job rate

★ Settings
- Export settings
- reset settings

- delete icon for new expense



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Unknown said...

I Prefer using Replicon suite ( )to manage my to-do lists. It's features are extremely useful, but if we subscribe to one of their reasonable pricing plans, we can access to additional features like time recording, tagging, task lists and reporting in the mobile apps.

It has been very helpful for me to quickly prepare invoices in a very professional manner because I just have to pull up the project hours to make invoices. It just takes a few minutes to make the invoices.

Unknown said...

This program seems complicated. I can imagine how scary it looks when you get a new job and on the first day they show you this as only beggining. Better use TimeCamp you can get it from here: it's simple and even the less inteligence or talented employees could handle it.