Friday, September 14, 2012

Eyewitness to the unseen victims & toxic legacy of war in Iraq

DONNA MULHEARN: Eyewitness to the unseen victims & toxic legacy of war in Iraq

Seif, Dad and Donna.

Fallujah, west of Bagdad, is the site of a large increase in birth deformities, cancers and heart problems since the 2004 US attacks on the city.

It's alleged that weapons used in the attacks – white phosperous and weapons using depleted uranium have contaminated the environment and left a toxic legacy that will affect generations to come.

Peace activist, writer and speaker, Donna Mulhearn, was a human shield during the war in Iraq.

She later returned as a humanitarian aid worker to set up a shelter for street kids and TO support displaced families.

She has just returned from her fourth trip to Iraq where she researched the effects of toxic weapons and depleted uranium weapons on the civilian population, particularly babies.

Donna will show pictures and videos taken during her fourth trip to Iraq, during which she spent a week in Fallujah hospital gathering information on what is described as the `new Agent Orange'.

Donna has faced trial and prison time for breaking into Pine Gap US military base to do a Citizens Inspection.

She speaks on non-violence and peace making, and coordinates the Australian Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons.

Featured on ABC's Australian Story program, her book, Ordinary Courage, a memoir about her experience as a human shield, was published in 2010.

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