Friday, September 28, 2012

Here’s How Much Your iPhone 4 Is Worth !

Want an iPhone 5 but still locked into your iPhone 4 contract? Consider trading in your phone!

Apple released the iPhone 4 in June of 2010 on AT&T and in other parts of the world, but the phone didn’t make its way to Verizon until February 2011. As a result, there are lots of eager iPhone owners in the U.S. who are still stuck in a two-year contract.

While some Verizon iPhone 4 owners might already be eligible for full upgrades, others will have to wait — maybe as much as six months. The same is true for any AT&T buyers who got the phone in 2011.

Fortunately, as we noted yesterday buyback services are still paying good money for old phones. We focused our previous article on the value of the iPhone 4S, but it turns out, the iPhone 4 still has some value in it too.

We looked at the price of a 16GB iPhone 4 from AT&T and Verizon at NextWorthGazelle.comeBay’s Instant SaleAmazon’s Trade-In program and Apple Recycling.

We selected the best condition for each buyback place, with the exception of Amazon, where we selected “Good.”

Here’s what we found:

eBay Instant SaleGazelle.comNextWorthAmazon Trade-inApple Recycling
16GB AT&T$200$168$170$195.50$140
16GB Verizon$190$131$126$195.50$140
8GB AT&T$190$125$140$195$50
8GB Verizon$170$106$121$200$50

As you can see, AT&T phones are worth more money on average. We imagine that this is because these can be unlocked and sold worldwide.

As before, eBay Instant Sale is the best option — at the time of this writing — to sell your phone for cash. Amazon’s Trade-in program offers the most money, but you have to get an Amazon gift card.

What surprised us the most was how much the 8GB iPhone 4 is worth. Considering the phone was sold for just $99, getting nearly twice as much at some buyback places is impressive.

For those with 32GB devices, you can get additional money for your unit, but in the interest of space, we just focused on 16 and 8GB models.

Are you interested in selling your iPhone 4 to offset the price of your iPhone 5 upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

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