Monday, September 24, 2012


Dear Friends,

Please sign, if you haven't, and spread this to your friends.

There is such a disconnect between the news coming out of Fukushima and
the reassurances promulgated by the Japanese government, that it's hard to
fathom. The spent fuel pool of reactors 3 and 4 are still perched 100
feet in the air, on top of damaged buildings. There are several
earthquakes a day shaking them, and predictions of another mammoth
earthquake in the next few years, which would certainly topple them, and
lead to a catastrophic nuclear fire, leading to abandonment of the site,
and perhaps extinction of life on earth. A large metal beam just fell
into the pool of reactor #3.

The pumps circulating water into the reactor 4 pool have failed several
times. Hydrogen levels go up, temperatures go up in reactors 1-3, and
emergency measures are necessary. Meanwhile, the workers are reaching the
limit of their exposure and have to be replaced with people unfamiliar
with the site.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO, which runs the facility, has
subcontracted down 7-8 layers. There are 400 different companies working
on the place, and no overall project manager. The pace is too slow.
Target for STARTING to remove the rods from unit 4 is the end of 2013, and
is planned to take 10 years. Meanwhile, there are no plans for what to do
in case of a fire- no chemicals on the site to put out a nuclear fire.

Yet the Japanese government has declared that the emergency is over. The
nuclear industry is concerned about maintaining the future of nuclear
energy, rather than facing reality- that the resources necessary to
contain and clean up Fukushima Daiichi, in terms of money and expertise,
require international attention and input.

Yastel Yamada is an engineer and cofounder of the Skilled Veterans Corps
for Fukushima (SVCF), a group of about 700 elderly experienced workers,
most of them familiar with industrial processes, and with nuclear plant
installations, who have volunteered to help the containment/cleanup at
Fukushima Daiichi. SVCF's offer has not been implemented at by TEPCO,
impeded by organizational and political considerations.

In order to bring international attention and assistance to the situation,
Mr. Yamada made a tour of the US in early August 2012, and his visit
created a network of Fukushima Response groups, working to raise awareness
of this situation which is life-threatening to us all. He will be
returning the second half of October, with the hope of speaking to student
groups around the country. Contact Robert Mendelson, to set up an engagement.

In addition to signing the petition,

please ask your candidates for Congress and Senate if they support an
investigation into the Fukushima situation, to see what threat it poses to
the US, and if it needs international attention.

And consider forming a Fukushima Response group in your area- contact me - or Robert Mendelson to get started. 

And join our yahoo group

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