Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facebook Disables CLG Editor's Account Name, Claiming It Is 'Illegitimate' !!

Facebook Disables CLG Editor's Account Name, Claiming It Is 'Illegitimate' --'The name you entered was not approved by our system.' 17 Feb 2012 Facebook has decided that 'Lori Price Legitgov,' the personal Facebook account title of the Editor-in-Chief of Citizens for Legitimate Government, is (suddenly) not 'legitimate' and therefore disabled. Price's Facebook account was established in September 2007 as 'Lori Price Legitgov,' and she never received any notifications or warnings from Facebook regarding the account. The official page for Citizens for Legitimate Government was not affected.

On 16 February, Lori Price attempted to log on to Facebook and received the following message from Facebook, preventing her from logging in:

Your account has been temporarily suspended because it appears that you have not listed your 
real name. As a reminder, Facebook requires all members to provide their real first and last 
names. Don't worry -- you'll be able to update your profile with your full, real name or verify 
your name in the following steps. [Untrue.] And when you successfully complete this process, your account 
will be accessible again. Please also note that Facebook profiles are for individual use only 
and cannot be shared or used to represent other entities...

Price then re-entered her account name First Name, Lori; Middle Name, Price; last name, Legitgov. Facebook rejected that combination, then one Lori Price had for nearly four and one-half years. Facebook continued to block access for Price, stating:

Inauthentic name -- temporary block
Unfortunately, the name you entered was not approved by our system. Please wait 10 minutes and 
then try again.
Make sure you enter your name correctly and that it complies with our formatting guidelines. 

Please note that if your next attempt is also unsuccessful, your account may be disabled

Due to Facebook's threat to disable the account entirely, Price entered the following information: First name, Lori; Middle name, Legitgov; Last name, Price - 'Lori Legitgov Price.' Although this data has been accepted, Facebook has succeeded in forcing Price to change her profile name. On Thursday, Price attempted to edit her profile in an effort to revert to the original name. Facebook precluded that change, claiming that Price had changed her name 'too many times.' [!?!]

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