Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google Unveils Stunning Underwater 'Street Views' in Maps

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google Unveils Stunning Underwater 'Street Views' in Maps [PICS]
Social Media's Biggest Screw-Ups [INFOGRAPHIC]
Driverless Cars: Now Street-Legal in California


Google Unveils Stunning Underwater 'Street Views' in Maps [PICS]
6:24:05 AM
Google Street View is no longer limited to roads and sidewalks -- now, you can browse stunning panoramic images from under the sea. With a simple click or swipe, users can explore the subacquatic world, including Australia's Great Barrier Reef,...

7 Reasons Some Entrepreneurs Don't Meet Their Potential
5:34:01 AM
No one ever said being an entrepreneur is easy. Creating your own business and career path is tough -- and succeeding in this lifestyle seems to require an elusive mix of traits. After all, most of the entrepreneurs I know are intelligent. They...

How Smartphones Are Changing Health Care [INFOGRAPHIC]
4:59:30 AM
Extreme smartphone use can certainly lead to strained eyes and stiff necks. That's the bad news. The good news? The mobile device you just can't live without can also help facilitate better health in new, more convenient ways than ever before....

Always Keep Tabs on Your Friends with New Foursquare Notifications
4:06:35 AM
If Facebook stalking or following friends on Twitter doesn't satisfy your curiosity, Foursquare has got you covered. The location-based social network unveiled updated notifications Tuesday that lets users keep tabs on their friends no matter...

Wikipedia Founder: Online Connections Foster Real Change
2:30:15 AM
Jimmy Wales, founder of the Wikimedia Foundation and, spoke about digital campaigning for global health at the 2012 Social Good Summit on Monday. Gabriel Jaramillo, general manager of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and...

5 Apps For Perching and Bird Watching
2:01:07 AM
If your only definition of a tweet comes from Twitter, you need to get out more. With Fall in full swing, it's a great time for apple picking, hiking and checking out the birds. These bird watching apps can encourage exploration in children and...

Microsoft Windows Update Hoax Steals Your Passwords
1:31:35 AM
Beware: The next time you get an email from in your inbox, click delete. That's because you're likely the target of a phishing scam designed to steal Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live and AOL passwords, according to Naked Security,...

Barnes & Noble Enters Big Tablet Market with Nook HD+ [HANDS ON]
1:01:08 AM
Barnes & Noble has seen Amazon's plethora of Kindle Fire HD tablets and, potentially, raised the ante with a pair of new high-resolution, lightweight and affordably priced tablets: the Nook HD 7-inch and the Nook HD+ 9-inch. That's right, Barnes...

How Social Good Summit Sparked the Largest Conversation on Earth
12:28:43 AM
A suicide bombing exploded outside of one of the only Internet cafes in Somalia's capital last Thursday. Three days later, the cafe's owner spoke on one of the Social Good Summit Mogadishu's Global Conversation panels. When the event's organizer...

Register to Vote for Internet Freedom
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:43 PM
Would the fight for Internet freedom get you to vote? That's the hope of a new voter registration drive labeled "Internet Votes." Launched today, the initiative has been organized by the Center For Rights and Fight For The Future. The two...


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