Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madonna Calls Barack Obama the "Black Muslim in the White House" During Politically Charged Spiel !

Madonna 's rocking the vote—and rocking some controversy while she's at it. (Try not to look so shocked.)

On Monday night, the pop star took the stage in Washington, D.C., where, during a lull between songs, she urged the roaring crowd to reelect President Barack Obama…but not before firing off a head-scratching battle cry.

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"So, you all better vote for f--kin' Obama, OK?" she exhorted concertgoers. "For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House!"

It wasn't clear whether Madge was being earnest or sarcastic or just plain ignorant (E! News has reached out for comment), but the tidbit figured prominently into a cuss-filled, patriotic spiel about trailblazing political leaders, in which she name-checked luminaries like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

Aside from giving a shout to Obama's historic election—"Now that's the s--t, it means there is hope in this country," she raved—the 54-year-old also praised the president for "fighting for gay rights."

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The rant capped off a concert tour already rife with in-your-face political overtones and politicized stunts—she did, after all, incite the ire of a French political party after slapping a swastika onto the forehead of its leader.

But she also combed darker themes throughout the show, including a montage of polarizing figures like Sarah Palin and Pope Benedict XVI, as well as unnerving flashes of gunplay and prisoner torture during songs like "Revolver" and "Gang Bang."

Guess simply flashing your nips and bum just ain't cutting it for Madge these days.

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