Monday, November 12, 2012

‘Disappearing Romney’ Website Tracks Governor’s Declining Facebook Likes !

Whether it’s with glee or horror, political observers can now watch Mitt Romney‘s fall from social-media grace in real-time.

The former Republican presidential candidate has been bleeding likes since losing the U.S. election last Tuesday, with users unliking Romney’s Facebook page at a rate of 847 an hour.

Website details this loss in two graphs: “Recent Like Count For Mitt Romney” and “Realtime Like Count for Mitt Romney.” The former indicates the overall downward trend, while the latter shows the decline as it happens.

Currently, Romney’s Facebook page has just over 12,042,000 likes.

What do you think of the Disappearing Romney website? Why do you think his likes are dropping? Tell us in the comments below.

Recent Like Count For Mitt Romney1:59pm4:15pm6:30pm8:45pm11:00pm1:15am3:30am5:45am7:45am12,040,00012,042,50012,045,00012,047,50012,050,000

Realtime Like Count For Mitt Romney1,352,724,414,0001,352,724,418,0001,352,724,422,0001,352,724,426,0001,352,724,430,00012,041,95812,041,96112,041,96412,041,96712,041,970


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Realtime Like Count For Mitt Romney1,352,724,484,0001,352,724,493,0001,352,724,502,0001,352,724,511,0001,352,724,520,00012,041,95012,041,95512,041,96012,041,96512,041,970

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