Sunday, November 11, 2012

iIntroducing the LG Scanner Mouse !!


Product Description

LG Mouse Scanner is the world's first mouse with an embedded scanner function that offers convenience, mobility, and simplicity to users. An innovative scanner that breaks through the limitations of difficult-to-use, non-portable conventional scanners that are limited in their scanning size.

Now users can perform OCR editing of scanned files such as Excel and Word documents as well as sending them as e-mails, SNSs and mobile phones. From the offices of global companies to daily life, the LG Mouse Scanner will transform scanning into a much easier and more convenient task.

There are countless moments wherein you need scanning in daily lite - when children want to collect teaching materials or gather scraps from magazines, or when you have to type the details of documents. That's why LG Mouse Scanner was developed.

Just one drag - that's all it takes to complete scanning. It also features remarkable editing power that even converts text into Microsoft Word - and you can even share in real-time through Twitter, Facebook and blog etc. From now on, enjoy easier, faster scanning with LG Mouse Scanner

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