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Web Master

Indigenous Peoples Literature

8 visible recommendations for this position:

“It is my great pleasure to offer a recommendation for Mr. Glenn who has offered his support as a volunteer to our Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of the American Indian since 2009. 

Mr. Glenn has been timely and fastidious in all areas requiring assistance to include Visitor Services, Resource Center and our Office of Public Affairs. 

His dedication is exemplary and I would gladly suggest him for any organization seeking great talent.” August 17, 2011

1st Jimmy Locklear, Museum Volunteer Coordinator, Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of the American Indianmanaged Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

“Glenn is a man with great integrity, perseverance, knowledge, creativity, and passion. He is humble, disarming and friendly. He has a strong work ethic and has exceptional skills in web design. He is a passionate advocate for indigenous peoples around the world. 

Rather than talk about these issues he does something about them. He responded to a request to create a web site for a good friend of mine several years ago; he was punctual, creative, and inventive. 

In a nutshell, Glenn is a good man with a tremendous skill set in web design and political advocacy. I recommend him with highest praise and without reservation. He will be a valuable asset to any employer.” March 22, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Dr. Kevin Keough hired Glenn as a Website design, Educator, political advocate for indigenous people in 2002

“Glenn is very detailed oriented, and he follows through without being on all tasks. He is a team player and is very supportive of the mission of the organization and his colleagues. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Glenn and I would highly recommend him for any position in which he applies.” March 15, 2011

1st Sandra Robinson, adjunct faculty, Georgetown Universityworked with Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

“Glenn is a master at gathering and coordiinating far-flung sources into a valuable resource for scholars and the general public interested in Native American literature, oral traditions, art, and culture. I consider his work at Indigenous Peoples Literature website to be consistently excellent.” March 15, 2011

1st Adrienne Mayor, Visiting Scholar, Princeton Universitywas with another company when working with Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

“Attention to detail, patience and perseverence are the qualities I would attribute to Glenn Welker. No matter how demanding the situation in a work environment might be, Glenn is always willing to be of assistance whether or not he is requested to do so. He performs well under pressure and applies his knowledge and skill to projects and assignments. He would be a credit to any company that requires his expertise.” March 14, 2011

3rd Mary L., Human Systems Integration Consultant, Independantworked directly with Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

“Glenn Welker is a wonderful man whose volunteer work for Indigenous Peoples and healing our world have earned him thousands of loyal friends and followers. Glenn spends hours each day researching, writing, and networking in ways that educate and inspire. His passionate efforts, and his sincerity and dedication in performing them, are second to none. Glenn's good character speaks for itself. He enriches our world. 

I have been lucky to network with Mr. Welker on many occasions over the years. Among his most generous efforts was helping us procure a showing of "For the Next Seven Generations" documentary film at the Smithsonian NMAI. This is not an easy thing to do, yet is typical of the respect and weight Glenn's word holds in American Indian Country. 

I am proud to write this recommendation for Glenn Welker and encourage those reading this message to consider him for any position for which he qualifies.” March 14, 2011

1st Gina Boltz, Director, Native Village Publicationsworked with Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

“I have known Glenn for several years, and he has always shown a strong concern for the welfare of indigenous people.” March 14, 2011

1st Romi Elnagar, MLIS, retired teacher-librarian, retiredworked with Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

“Glenn Welker is Web Master at the Indigenous Peoples Literature site. The management of this site calls for a great deal of preparation to put forth high quality, consistently timely and informative information, of importance to First Peoples as well as non Indigenous audiences. Glen promotes, researches, edits and even writes articles that consistently engages audiences in the site. I've followed his work for years, and those he's engaged as contributors know, he is a strong ally, a starch promoter of issues of importance to Indigenous Peoples. The archives, layout, and historical preparation of the site, always inspires the realization of great expectations. 

Yakoke am kana, Glen Welker. Your hard work is greatly appreciated! 

Jonathan McCoy (Hawk Follows Closely)” March 14, 2011

1st Jonathan McCoy, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Information Analyst, William Paterson Universitywas with another company when working with Glenn at Indigenous Peoples Literature

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