Monday, February 11, 2013

Honoring the Tibetan New Year !

In celebration of the Tibetan New Year, the following is excerpted from the reply by the great yogi Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol to a Losar Day request by his disciple Depa Wangpo on what to adopt and what to reject regarding attitude and conduct.

Don’t harm your friends and neighbors; help them.
Don’t be stingy; use your wealth for offerings
   and charity.
Don’t let your body be idle; do prostrations
  and circumambulations.
Don’t let your mouth be idle; recite the mani mantra.
Always have pure thoughts towards others.

In brief, keeping Death in mind, practice
   the sacred Dharma.
Give up doing wrong, and do what is wholesome.
Whatever happiness and sufferings you undergo,
Regard them as the result of previous actions.
Always act in accord with the Dharma.
Even though I may be far away,
These instructions will remain like my very presence.
Keep them in mind! 


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                                             The Life of Shabkar by Shabkar Natshok Rangdrol, page 287.                                                                             

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