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'Anonymous' hacker group threatens 'reign of terror

Anonymous: 'Israeli government, expect us.' --'You are unworthy to exist in your current form, and will therefore face the wrath of Anonymous... Step one will be initiated after the release of this video and will be comprised of systematically removing you from the Internet.' Video and text of message from Anonymous to the state of Israel --Posted by 11 Feb 2012 The video was released Friday.

'Anonymous' hacker group threatens 'reign of terror' against Israel 10 Feb 2012 The hacker group "Anonymous" released a video Friday threatening to begin a 'reign of terror' against Israel, in the latest round of cyber warfare between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli hackers. The video, which was posted on YouTube in the early hours of the morning, blamed Israel for committing 'crimes against humanity,' and criticizing it for its treatment of Palestinians.

Anonymous Takes Down CIA Web Site 10 Feb 2012 Anonymous has ended a rather busy week with a hack of the CIA website, which is currently offline. "CIA TANGO DOWN: #Anonymous," the @YourAnonNews feed tweeted around 3:30pm Eastern. The website has been unresponsive for about an hour. Anonymous did not release details about the attack, but the group usually uses distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to take down its targets. [I guess that would explain why wasn't in the CLG website logs today.]

'Tango Down': Anonymous claims attacks on CIA, Alabama state sites 10 Feb 2012 7:10 p.m. ET: remains inaccessible four hours after it was first reported to be down, followed shortly by a claim that the hacker group Anonymous was responsible. As security experts have noted, that's an unusually long time if the attack really is a straightforward DDoS assault. 6 p.m. ET: remains inaccessible, about three hours after it was first reported to be down. Meanwhile, the Alabama Department of Homeland Security says any "comment would be premature at this time" because it was an "ongoing investigation," The Birmingham News reports.

Fed agents hot on trail of Anonymous hackers 09 Feb 2012 Every move by the hacker activists Anonymous is being watched by the FBI, which views the loosely organized group as a pack of cyber vandals that attacks targets without motivation - including Boston's police department website. The FBI has conducted an ongoing investigation into Anonymous for a little more than a year, according to a spokesperson at FBI Headquarters in Washington. The bureau’s website was knocked out for a few hours by Anonymous last month after federal authorities shut down a file-sharing website and arrested the operators. [So, the FBI has been investigating Anonymous for over a year... and yet, Anonymous is still hacking! Ergo, I wouldn't say the FBI is 'hot' on the trail.]

Hacking off the Feds: Anonymous intercepts FBI conference call about...themselves 03 Feb 2012 In an audio recording made and posted online by the internet hacktivists Anonymous, a number of Federal agents both in the US and the UK can be heard discussing ways to apprehend members of the group. In an ironic post, the hacktivists made the 20-minute long conversation available online, taunting the Federal Bureau of Investigations with the leak – and the fact that while the agents may only have half-formed plans to arrest Anonymous members, the group itself is making sure to stay one step ahead.

Breaking: Romney edges Paul in Maine caucuses 11 Feb 2012 Mitt Romney 'wins' the Maine caucuses with 39% of the vote. Ron Paul has 36% of the vote. [Note: Faux News 'lost' Ron Paul's audio, when Paul was speaking in Portland, ME. It seems that Faux News 'loses' Paul's audio *every time.* There's nary a technical problem, however, when Faux interviews its troll Sarah Palin - in Alaska.]

CIA fears Iran has data downed drone failed to dump 10 Feb 2012 A comprehensive CIA investigation reportedly fails to find the cause of the US drone going down in Iran last year, raising fears that the aircraft failed to dump sensitive data. FOX News quoted a former intelligence official as saying that CIA's comprehensive, 10-week review was unable to replicate the "malfunction" that brought down the RQ-170 Sentinel drone in Iran. The report supports Iran's claims that the reconnaissance was cyberjacked by the army's electronic warfare unit and eased to a safe landing while deep in Iranian territory on December 4.

Iran to unveil major nuclear achievements soon 11 Feb 2012 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced the unveiling of "major nuclear accomplishments" in the next few days despite increasing Western pressure over the country's nuclear program. "In the nuclear field, major achievements have been made by the Iranian nation in recent years," Ahmadinejad said in a Saturday speech, marking the 33rd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The Iranian president said the world has witnessed hegemonic powers use every means to prevent the Islamic Republic from attaining nuclear progress.

Israel's Mossad trained assassins of Iran nuclear scientists, report says 09 Feb 2012 Mossad officials are training Iranian dissident activists [?] to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists, a NBC News report citing U.S. officials said on Thursday. The report noted, however, that Washington was not directly involvement in the alleged attacks. The report by NBC News followed Iranian accusations that Israel and the U.S. had been orchestrating attacks against Iranian scientists and military officials associated with Iran's nuclear program. [Hmm. What's another word for 'dissident activists' who plant bombs and assassinate people? That would be *terrorists.* Apparently, the definition morphs - depending on who hires them. --LRP]

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News 09 Feb 2012 Deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists are being carried out by an Iranian dissident group that is financed, trained and armed by Israel's secret service, U.S. officials tell NBC News, confirming charges leveled by Iran's leaders. The group, the People's Mujahedin of Iran, has long been designated as a terrorist group by the United States, accused of killing American servicemen and contractors in the 1970s and supporting the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran... The attacks, which have killed five Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and may have destroyed a missile research and development site, have been carried out in dramatic fashion, with motorcycle-borne assailants often attaching small magnetic bombs to the exterior of the victims' cars.

Gingrich Warns of Iranian Nuclear Attack 08 Feb 2012 Newt Gingrich asserted on Wednesday that an Iranian nuclear attack on the United States was "a real danger" and that it could kill and wound hundreds of thousands of Americans. His comments were the latest in a string of hawkish and even apocalyptic statements that some Republican presidential candidates, particularly Mr. Gingrich, have been using to discuss Iran. In the past, Mr. Gingrich has said that if Iran were to obtain nuclear weapons, then not only Israel but also the United States would be at risk, and he has characterized Iran as a country and a culture that fosters terrorism. [Hello, Pot? This is Kettle...]

Syrian general gunned down in Damascus 11 Feb 2012 A Syrian general was gunned down in the heart of the capital on Saturday as fresh violence flared in several cities. An "armed terrorist group" assassinated Brig. Gen. Issa al-Kholi, a military physician who was the director of Hamish Hospital, in front of his Damascus house Saturday morning, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said. Three gunmen shot him to death, the media outlet said. The killing occurred "In the framework of targeting the Syrian intellectuals and the medical and technical cadres," SANA reported. "A number of efficient, skilled and specialized national cadres were assassinated by armed terrorist groups," said SANA, which cited the killings of a professor, a nuclear specialist, a teacher and a couple of engineers. [Let's see... Who kills professors, scientists, engineers and teachers?]

Karzai condemns death of 7 children in NATO air strikes 10 Feb 2012 Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has strongly criticized NATO for the air strikes resulting in the death of at least seven children, further aggravating the strained relations between Kabul and the international coalition forces over civilian deaths during course of anti-terrorists operations. The government and NATO have both launched a probe to verify the civilian deaths due to air bombing Wednesday night.

UK accused of deploying nuclear weapons near the Falklands 11 Feb 2012 In an increasingly tense war of words, Argentinian Foreign Minister Hector Timerman claims the UK is deploying nuclear weapons near the Falkland Islands. Britain and Argentina went to war over the disputed British-ruled Falkland Islands in 1982, and London rejects Argentine demands for sovereignty negotiations... Mr Timerman urged the UN to intervene in the long-running dispute over the islands. He said that Buenos Aires had intelligence that the British nuclear submarine, Vanguard, had been deployed in the area. Along with a purported picture of the Vanguard submarine, Timerman also displayed pictures of a ship and plane that he claimed were the British naval destroyer, Dauntless, and the British aircraft, Typhoon, respectively. He said that all three had been deployed near the Falkland Islands.

WikiLeaks private to be charged soon 11 Feb 2012 US army private Bradley Manning, accused of giving a trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks, is to be formally charged later this month ahead of a court-martial, the US Army says. Manning, 24, is accused of one of the most serious intelligence breaches in US history and is facing charges that could send him to prison for life. The US Army said in a statement on Thursday that the military judge hearing the case scheduled an arraignment for February 23 at Fort Meade in Maryland.

LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting 'War Room' --RACR relied upon during recent Occupy LA showdown and arrests 08 Feb 2012 The LAPD is fighting crime from a high-tech war room that gives it eyes all over the city. The surveillance hub is now a model for police forces around the world and KCAL9 got an exclusive tour inside from Chief Charlie Beck. "We are targets on our own soil," says Beck. "We have to be ready." What began as a grass roots idea following the 9/11 terrorist attacks is now a state-of-the-art real-time analysis critical response center. It's called RACR, and it's located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

State's Division of Homeland Security to coordinate Jamboree --Jamboree serves as recruiting tool for military, which will set up displays and equipment during event. 11 Feb 2012 Another milestone in preparations for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree is now crossed. On Friday, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed an executive order that designates the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management as the principal coordinator for federal, state and local agencies providing support for the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve before and during the Jamboree. Representatives from the National Guard, Boy Scouts of America, and local government gathered at the Glen Jean Armory for the signing of the order.

Fukushima No. 2 plant was 'near meltdown' 10 Feb 2012 The Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant was "near meltdown" after being hit by tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, according to the head of the plant. The No. 2 plant, on the border of Naraha and Tomioka towns in Fukushima Prefecture, was opened to the media Wednesday for the first time since the disaster. It is 12 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, which suffered a meltdown. Both facilities are operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

US to build two new nuclear reactors in Georgia 09 Feb 2012 The US government has [insanely] licensed a utility company to build two new nuclear reactors in the south-eastern state of Georgia. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Thursday authorized Southern Co. and its partners to build the new reactors in Waynesboro, Ga., about 275 Kilometers east of Atlanta, at a plant that already has two operating reactors. Federal regulators voted 4-1 to approve the construction of the nuclear plants, expected to cost 14 billion dollars.

BP wins exclusion of emails from oil spill trial 08 Feb 2012 BP Plc won a court order keeping several potentially damaging emails out of a scheduled trial to determine responsibility for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Wednesday's ruling by U.S. Magistrate Judge Sally Shushan in New Orleans came a day after U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier rejected the oil company's effort to keep evidence about settlements it had already reached out of the trial. The rulings came as Barbier prepares to preside on February 27 over a non-jury trial to assign blame for the April 20, 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig, which killed 11 people and caused the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Hose streets? Our streets! Belgian firefighters soak police in protest --Hundreds of Belgian firefighters hose down the prime minister's office as part of a protest against retirement plans 10 Feb 2012 Several hundred Belgian firefighters have broken through police lines in Brussels and hosed down the prime minister's office in protest at the government's tougher retirement plans. The firefighters want to keep their early retirement age at 58, arguing their arduous job does not allow them to work into their 60s.

Highest level of radioactive cesium in San Francisco-area milk since August 2011 — Now at 150% of EPA's maximum contaminant limit (Chart) 07 Feb 2012 A new milk sample has been measured, this one with a best-by date of 2/16/2012. The results are posted to the milk sample page. Low levels of both Cs-134 and Cs-137 were still detected in the sample. 0.167 Bq/L of radioactive cesium = 4.526 picocuries/L (1 Bq = 27.1 picocuries) The EPA Maximum Contaminant Level for radioactive cesium in milk is 3 picocuries/L.

Romney edges Santorum in CPAC vote 11 Feb 2012 Mitt Romney has won The Washington Times/CPAC Presidential Straw Poll of conservative activists. The former Massachusetts governor is favored as the Republican presidential nominee by 38 percent of the 3,408 respondents. Rivals Rick Santorum drew 31 percent, and Newt Gingrich was favored by 15 percent. Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who did not attend the conference to campaign in Maine, had 12 percent.

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