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Iran mulls ban of Samsung over Israeli commercial depicting attack on nuclear plant !

Iran mulls ban of Samsung over Israeli commercial depicting attack on nuclear plant --Teaser by cable operator HOT shows a bored Mossad agent in Iran passing the time by watching TV on a Samsung tablet and accidentally blowing up the uranium enrichment plant in Isfahan. 03 Feb 2012 Iran is mulling a partial ban of products manufactured by South Korean electronics giant Samsung over an Israeli commercial promoting one of the firm's products which depicts the imagined destruction of Iran's nuclear facility in Isfahan by Mossad operatives. ...To this, the character said: "What? Another mysterious explosion in Iran," a quip referring to a series of explosions in Iran targeting the countries military facilities which have been attributed in the foreign media to covert Israeli attempts to target Iran's nuclear program.

Israel's top sociopaths are busy little warmongering bees: Barak: If sanctions fail, Iran must be hit --Ya'alon says Tehran is developing missiles capable of reaching the United States. 03 Feb 2012 Claiming that all of Iran's nuclear facilities are vulnerable and that a military option is real and ready to be used if sanctions fail, Israel's top political and military leadership issued a series of warnings to the Islamic Republic on Thursday in some of the most candid comments on the [alleged] nuclear threat in years. Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said there was a consensus among many nations today that if diplomacy and sanctions failed to stop Iran, a military strike should be launched. "If sanctions don't achieve the desired goal of stopping [Iran's] military nuclear program, there will be a need to consider taking action," he declared.

'Certain countries' could take Iran nuclear matter into their own hands, U.K. official says --Deputy PM Nick Clegg would not speculate whether or not Britain would take part in the military conflict expected to erupt following an attack of Iran's nuclear facilities. 03 Feb 2012 Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said Thursday he has concerns there could be a military conflict with Iran over its disputed nuclear program, refusing to say whether or not Britain would "participate" in such a clash. Clegg was quoted as telling The House Magazine, a weekly British political journal, that he feared Israel could carry out a pre-emptive strike on Iran amid suspicion in the West that Tehran is secretly developing nuclear weapons.

Panetta lets stand report that Israel may attack Iran by June 02 Feb 2012 U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta won't dispute a report that he believes Israel may attack Iran this spring in an attempt to set back the Islamic republic's [alleged] nuclear program. Panetta was asked by reporters to comment on a Washington Post opinion column by David Ignatius that said Panetta believes there is a "strong likelihood" that Israel will attack in April, May or June. Ignatius did not say who told him this.

Is Israel preparing to attack Iran? By David Ignatius 02 Feb 2012 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's biggest worry is the growing possibility that Israel will attack Iran over the next few months. Panetta believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June - before Iran enters what Israelis described as a "zone of immunity" to commence building a nuclear bomb. Very soon, the Israelis fear, the Iranians will have stored enough enriched uranium in deep underground facilities to make a weapon - and only the United States could then stop them militarily. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't want to leave the fate of Israel dependent on American action, which would be triggered by intelligence that Iran is building a bomb, which it hasn't done yet.

Heads up! Huge Israel/US false flag in the works: Israeli facilities in North America, around the world on high alert - internal security document 03 Feb 2012 Israeli facilities in North America -- and around the world -- are on high alert, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News that predicted the threat from Iran against Jewish targets will increase. "We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase... on both our guarded sites and 'soft' sites," stated a letter circulated by the head of security for the Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States. The head of Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, told an audience at a closed forum in Tel Aviv recently that Iran is trying to hit Israeli targets because of what it believes are Israeli attacks on its nuclear scientists.

Shin Bet chief: Iran trying to hit Israeli targets in response to attacks on nuclear scientists 03 Feb 2012 Iran is trying to strike Israeli targets around the world in a bid to stop the assassinations of its nuclear scientists, the head of the Shin Bet security service, Yoram Cohen, said Thursday. Lecturing at a closed forum in Tel Aviv, Cohen said that Iran believes Israel is behind the attacks on its nuclear experts, which have killed four scientists since November 2010. Cohen said Iran was working very hard abroad through the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to hit Israeli targets.

One dead, two hurt after Marine base explosion 04 Feb 2012 A female has died after an explosion and fire at a Marine Corps base in Coleville, Calif., Marine spokesman Capt. Nicholas Mannweiler tells NBC News. A male and a female were airlifted to hospitals in the area in serious condition with third-degree burns. A total of 14 families had to move out of their homes as a result of the blast, which took place in a housing unit on the base. Mannweiler was not able to confirm the cause of the explosion.

Explosion at Marine Corps Base in Coleville, CA 03 Feb 2012 On Friday, News 4 received reports of an explosion at a Marine Corps Base in Coleville, CA just north of Walker off Highway 395. According to a California Highway Patrol Dispatcher, it's estimated there are about five victims involved. They say the explosion and fire happened around 9 p.m. at the Marine Corps housing unit. So far, Mono County Sheriff's Deputies and the Mono County Fire Department are responding.

Charges dropped against U.S. soldier in slaying of unarmed Afghan civilians [Let me get this straight. Hero Bradley Manning is facing imprisonment for life, while this sociopath walks free? Anonymous, do something!] 04 Feb 2012 The U.S. Army has dismissed all charges against the last of five soldiers to face a court-martial in the slaying of unarmed Afghan civilians, officials from their home base near Tacoma, Washington, said on Friday. Army Specialist Michael Wagnon had been charged with premeditated murder in the death of a villager in Afghanistan during a tour of duty in February 2010. "As of right now, he's pretty much a free man," said Lieutenant Colonel Gary Dangerfield, a spokesman for Joint Base Lewis-McChord. "He is still in the Army but a free man."

Unit Commander Among Marines Urinating on Corpses 02 Feb 2012 One of the Marines shown urinating on three corpses in Afghanistan in a widely distributed Internet video was the unit's platoon commander, two U.S. military officials have told McClatchy, raising concerns that poor command standards contributed to an incident that may have damaged the U.S. war effort. Even before the unit deployed to southern Afghanistan last year, it suffered from disciplinary problems while the troops were based at Camp Lejeune, N.C., the officials said. As Pentagon officials investigate the incident - the latest in a string of high-profile cases of U.S. troops abusing Afghans and Iraqis on the battlefield - the revelations renew questions about whether the U.S. military will hold commanders responsible when their troops misbehave or commit crimes.

Bradley Manning: US general orders court martial for WikiLeaks suspect 04 Feb 2012 A US army officer has ordered a court martial for Bradley Manning, the soldier charged in the biggest leak of classified information in American history. Military district of Washington commander Major General Michael Linnington referred all charges against Manning to a general court martial on Friday, the army said in a statement. The referral means Manning, 24, will stand trial for allegedly giving more than 700,000 secret US documents and a classified combat video to WikiLeaks for publication. He faces 22 counts, including aiding the enemy, and could be imprisoned for life if convicted of that charge.

NATO allies eye China in Afghan security cash crunch 03 Feb 2012 NATO allies are debating how big an Afghan military they can afford, paring down targets, and looking to countries like China to pony up some of the cash, Defence Minister Peter MacKay says. The Canadian Forces are now playing a sizable role in efforts to train an expanded Afghan army, with 950 trainers posted in Kabul and some other centres until 2014. But the question of who will pick up the bill for a multi-billion-dollar security force that Afghans can’t afford has led NATO to plans to pare down the planned size.

Taliban will rule Afghanistan again, says leaked US military report --Classified document is said to warn that Pakistan is plotting to help reinstall Taliban once Nato-led forces depart 31 Jan 2012 The Taliban, backed by Pakistan, are set to retake control of Afghanistan after Nato-led forces withdraw from the country, according to reports citing a classified assessment by US forces. The Times described the report as secret and "highly classified", saying it was put together last month by the US military at Bagram air base in Afghanistan for top Nato officers. "Many Afghans are already bracing themselves for an eventual return of the Taliban," the report was quoted as saying. "Once Isaf (Nato-led forces) is no longer a factor, Taliban consider their victory inevitable." [Right, the US just wanted the opium and gas pipelines up and running again and to get several billion dollars to Blackwater - mission accomplished!]

U.S. Ends Ban on Aid to Uzbekistan 01 Feb 2012 The Obama regime waived a ban on military assistance to Uzbekistan in a move to bolster ties with a nation that is part of a vital supply line to Afghanistan, but was cut off from aid because of alleged human-rights violations. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Jan. 18 signed a waiver that will allow the U.S., on a temporary basis, to provide nonlethal defensive equipment to Uzbekistan. The waiver, which wasn't announced at the time and was sent to Capitol Hill two days later, will be effective until the end of September 2013, and must be renewed every six months.

US terror drone crashes in Somalia 04 Feb 2012 A non-UN-sanctioned US assassination drone has crashed into a refugee camp in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Press TV reports. Refugees and soldiers in Mogadishu's Badbado camp say they watched the unmanned aircraft crash into a hut on Friday. Shortly after the incident, forces from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) closed down the refugee camp, which is in the Dharkenley district of southern Mogadishu, the Press TV correspondent in Mogadishu reported. The US is using a new kind of drone, called a kamikaze drone, in Somalia. It functions both as a missile and an intelligence-gathering reconnaissance aircraft. [Yeah, well, now there's one less of them. 

FBI: Cyber threat might surpass terror threat 02 Feb 2012 Today, FBI Director Robert Mueller told the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that he believes "the cyber threat will equal or surpass the threat from counter terrorism in the foreseeable future." On Tuesday, Mueller testified at the Senate Select Intelligence committee's hearing on worldwide threats. He had similar warnings about cyber security, and elaborated on three ways the FBI and intelligence agencies need to address the concern.

Anonymous's release of Met and FBI call puts hacker group back centre stage --Activist collective's leak of 18-minute discussion embarrasses authorities and raises questions over how security was breached 03 Feb 2012 The hacking collective Anonymous has struck deep into the heart of one of its sworn enemies – the police – with the release of the recording of a conference call between the Metropolitan police and the FBI. In it, they discuss ongoing investigations and court cases against alleged British hackers; and now, courtesy of Anonymous, the world can listen in too. For Anonymous, the posting on YouTube of the 18-minute audio from the call was a particular triumph, indicating that it can worm its way even into the most powerful organisations in the land.

Anonymous hacks into phone call between FBI and Scotland Yard --Investigators can be heard discussing joint inquiry into cybercrime in 15-minute call released on the internet 03 Feb 2012 Hackers from the group Anonymous have broadcast a private conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard exposing details of an international cybercrime investigation, the FBI has confirmed. The FBI and Scotland Yard admitted that the security of the call had been breached. Investigators can be heard discussing their joint inquiry into a cybercrime investigation going through the British courts, and linked to investigations in New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Ireland. It is understood the breach occurred at the US end of the call. As the news broke, Anonymous began taunting the FBI, asking if it was curious about how the group could keep reading the bureau's internal communications.

'Anonymous' hackers intercept conversation between FBI and Scotland Yard on how to deal with hackers 03 Feb 2012 A conference call between Scotland Yard and the FBI has been intercepted and published by a member of the computer hacking group Anonymous. The conversation concerned a young member of another hacking collective who was cooperating with the police in Britain... The hacker apparently managed to access the call after getting into an FBI email which gave details of the call. The email was also posted online. Writing on the Twitter account, AnonymousIRC, one hacker said: "The FBI might be curious how we're able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now." The email referred to an investigation on both sides of the Atlantic into a number of hacking groups.

Google to Censor Blogger Blogs on 'Per Country Basis' 31 Jan 2012 Google has quietly announced changes to its Blogger free-blogging platform that will enable the blocking of content only in countries where censorship is required. Twitter announced technology last week addressing the same topic. It said it had acquired the ability to censor tweets in the countries only where it was ordered removed, instead of on an internet-wide basis. Twitter's announcement via its blog sparked a huge online backlash. The microblogging service was accused of becoming a censoring agent.

Federal officials: Security precautions for Super Bowl 2012 'unprecedented' --35 federal agencies contributing to security effort 02 Feb 2012 From the minute they get on a plane, visitors to Indianapolis should expect to be watched, sniffed and pawed as security around the Super Bowl XLVI host city tightens. Air marshals will be on flights, and bloodhounds will roam the airport. Cameras line the streets, and helicopters hover in the sky. Cops at every corner; security at every stop. About 8,000 Lucas Oil Stadium staff and volunteers have gone through Homeland Security training, and 3,000 security officers hired by the National Football League are working at the stadium, the media center, NFL Experience and hotels where the New York Giants and New England Patriots are staying.

Feds find 'unusual' wear on new tubes carrying radioactive water at Calif. nuclear plant --Radiation could have escaped 02 Feb 2012 Unusual wear has been found on hundreds of tubes that carry radioactive water at Southern California's San Onofre Unit 2 nuclear plant, raising questions about the integrity of equipment the company installed in a multimillion-dollar makeover in 2009. The disclosure came two days after a tube leak at the plant's other unit prompted operators to shut down the reactor as a precaution.

Bird life badly hit by nuclear fallout in Japan 03 Feb 2012 Researchers working in the irradiated zone around the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant say bird populations there have begun to dwindle, in what may be a chilling harbinger of the impact of radioactive fallout on local life. In the first major study on the impact of the world's worst nuclear crisis in 25 years, the researchers from Japan, the US and Denmark say that analysis of 14 species of birds common to Fukushima and Chernobyl shows the effect on numbers is worse in the Japanese disaster zone. Published next week in the journal Environmental

 Pollution, the paper says its findings demonstrate "an immediate negative consequence of radiation for birds during the main breeding season March-July".

Komen for [Preventing] the Cure reverses course on Planned Parenthood funding cut By Lori Price, 04 Feb 2012 The Susan G. Komen for [Preventing] the Cure foundation works hand-in-hand with corpora-terrorists dumping pollutants, which keep breast cancer rates high. Komen has NO INTEREST in finding a cure for breast cancer. Komen exists only for Komen, and that's always been the case.

Jobless rate hits 8.3%, lowest in 3 years --Trend could reshape presidential campaign 04 Feb 2012 US employers added more than 240,000 jobs in January, beating economists' expectations with the biggest gains in nearly a year and providing more evidence that the recovery may at last be gathering speed. The hiring surge, which was spread across several key industries, helped push the unemployment rate to its lowest level in nearly three years, the Labor Department reported yesterday. The jobless rate, which has plunged nearly a point since summer, fell to 8.3 percent last month, from 8.5 percent in December.

Dow Logs Highest Close Since May 2008 03 Feb 2012 Stocks ended near session highs Friday, with the Dow finishing at its best level since May 2008, buoyed by a monthly government employment report that blew past estimates and a handful of impressive economic news. All three major averages logged impressive gains for the week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 156.82 points, or 1.23 percent, to close at 12,862.23, its highest close in almost 3-1/2 years. The Nasdaq soared 45.98 points, or 1.61 percent, to end at 2,905.66, hitting its highest since the tech bubble of 2000.

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