Thursday, February 2, 2012

Join the United Farm Workers Union in Opposing S-Comm

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Secure Communities or S-Comm is a highly criticized federal program that is deporting immigrants who have done nothing wrong, encouraging racial profiling, devastating communities around the country, and making us all less safe. Uunder S-Comm authorities can deport a woman reporting domestic violence, instead of protecting her.1 

With over 1 million men, woman and children deported under the Obama Administration, 60% with minor traffic violations, S-Comm has been proven detrimental to the hard working and innocent people.Huge immigrant states like Illinois and New York opted out of the program because it breeds distrust of the police.

This week, the Obama administration just did the unthinkable: they have forced states and police departments to comply with this controversial S-Comm program– a move guaranteed to deport many more millions of people.

The United Farm Workers has fought hard to find real solutions to this broken immigration system and to protect the millions of farm workers toil in the shadows to harvest the food we eat every day.

We need a massive outcry—and fast—if we are to stop this disastrous program. The UFW is working with Presente and other immigrant groups on this effort.  Please sign our petition today!
Thank you and ¡Si Se Puede!

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