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No Fee Online Work !

Dear fellow jobseeker, Yes I will share with you where you can start making some extra cash without spending any money to do so. You are not alone in your work at home quest, I have received many requests and I am happy to assist. I gain my wealth through compassion by assisting others to achieve theirs. It's a good feeling of success and adds to my sense of life's purpose. Please feel free to e-mail me with any additional worthwhile non investment daily cash opportunities. A special stress assistance notice before you begin your 4nofee online pay work instructions: I know it has not been easy finding work during these bad economical times. One tends to become desperate, depressed and stressed out very quickly. I truly relate to you all. For this reason I have put together a 4NoFee self help aid and assistance online audio listening program to help you better cope with and even recover completely from your unwanted anxieties. Use of the free 15 session online audio program, can assist you in returning to the work force quicker and help you to live a more prosperous, productive and fulfilling anxiety free life. To begin lesson 1 of 15 click on the following link or copy and paste it into your internet browser; Continue learning with each audio session at your own speed. 15 totally free listening sessions. I wish you the best of better health and prosperity as swiftly as possible. Now that you are aware of the free self help anxiety program, I hope you take advantage of it. Please continue below on your quest to earn cash online without any cost to you. Now Enough of My Rambling, Time to Share with You the 4NoFee Work Site Information: Follow the directions below. *** PRINT OUT THIS E-MAIL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS *** Try your best and follow the six steps in order below. You can make quick cash without any out of pocket expense providing you stick to the plan and do not spend any money to earn these cash payouts. I will start by listing some free online tools you might want to make your work easier and more profitable. Complete set up takes about 1 hour. After set up you will be able earn and learn while doing it. Important thing to remember is this is work only, many of the ads are very enticing, don't go there. If you start surfing survey or offer adds you will be put in a never ending loop. You will learn to just keep on the yellow brick road. Eventually you will overcome the boredom, just stick to it. Special Note: If the Hyper links in this e-mail do not take you to the site when you click on them, simply copy the link and paste it into your browser. Just relax and take the instructions one step at a time. Take a break in between each step. Once it is all setup you can spend whatever time you wish working. (1) Go to and and create 2 fresh new free e-mail accounts at each. Never use your real name, age gender, and address or phone number when signing up for free e-mail accounts. You can use your same chosen name alias and password for each of the new free accounts you open so it makes their access faster and easier. (Important) Write down each account name and password for future reference. When finished with step 1, gather your written information and go to step 2. (2) For you to get paid on your earned work, you need an active regular contact phone number that you can call out on and can also answer at the time of any pay request verifications. You will want a secondary phone number with voice mail features so that you are not bothered with solicitor in-bound phone calls. You will not need to return the calls of those that receive the secondary phone number. You can check with your cell and/or land phone service provider to see if they offer a free additional phone number with voice mail features only. If you cannot afford or acquire a secondary phone number with voice mail, you can use your regular phone line for both, just keep in mind that you will get loads of phone calls that each will need to be answered by a person or voicemail recorder in order for you to be credited your cash earnings. To qualify for your earnings you do not have to purchase anything by phone or otherwise. Someone just has to hear the pitch. Be it a person or recorder. Upon completion of step 2, with your written information in hand acquired from step 1 and 2, now proceed to step 3. You are about 25 % finished setting up your extra cash business. (3) This step was to acquire a free form filling assistance program however programs that fill in the offer forms with your name, address and phone information etc., are no longer allowed to be used. If the site notices you are using a program to assist you in filling out the forms it may not credit or pay you for the offers you complete. It is best to be on the safe side and fill out all the online forms manually from your keyboard, so you get paid for what you do. I down loaded the Google toolbar and I have had good luck using the auto fill program. If you download and use it, make sure the survey site continues crediting the offers you complete, otherwise type all form information by hand. Upon completion of reading step 3 proceed to step 4. (4) "Make your decision on how you would like to be paid and then register for work." When you register at the work sites below, you will have an option as to how you would like to receive your pay. The fastest way to be paid is through a Pay Pal Account. I recommend Pay Pal because it is the safest secure way to manage your money online. If you don't have a personal Free to join and free to set up Pay Pal account, simply click on the following link to sign up >: ) Write down the Pay Pal e-mail address your registered to receive payments too And any other account information on how and where your pay will be sent. Have this information ready for when you register at each work site. If you choose not to be paid with Pay Pal, you will still get paid; it will just take longer for you to receive it. With all your information written down from steps 1 thru 4, now proceed to step 5 and Register to Work for Cash" (5) You are now ready to go and register to work. When you register read the rules and simple directions. During the registration you will want to give your real name and address in case you request a check for payment. Enter your Pay Pal e-mail address as listed with PayPal so you can receive payments automatically. (a) When asked to enter a user name you can enter any name of your choice. (b) When asked to enter a password you can also enter any word of your choice. (c) Remember to write down your chosen entered user name and password. When asked to enter your phone number, enter your real active phone number, one that you can also call out from. It will not be given out to anyone by either website. It is only used to confirm payments you wish to receive. The site may ask you to pre-register with some of their sponsors while you are waiting for registration completion. Check off no in each check box because You will not be paid anything to do so until after you are registered and completing a different survey under your account name. Use this unpaid survey time to practice. Skip all pages that have the option, Say no to everything. Open only the minimum numbers of pages demanded and then close each page upon completion of it fully loading. Skip, Skip, Pass, Pass, No, No, No, No, Etc. Etc. Once the registration is complete, log out and then log back in again with your registered username and password. Upon your first username account login, you can now start making money by choosing and completing the listed cash paying offers. The sites I have listed Pay higher amounts for completions because they require a minimum cash out of $20 or so. This is well worth the effort and helps motivate one to finish more offers and make more money. Each of the sites I have listed, commonly give you $5 just for joining. Now click on the following below and go Register: IMPORTANT: I do not recommend doing any offers except the free ones for cash. Remember to delete all cookies between each offer. Also pay attention to offer hints that will tell you fill out the first 3 pages only etc. I always go one page further to make sure the pay switch triggers. When you have completed the survey to the point where a purchase is requested, then click on a survey purchase item, let the page load completely and then close the page. Do this to two different items on each of the last two offer pages, then close the page and enter the item as completed at the main list where you entered to start the item survey. Do not be afraid to say no to all survey offers. Sometimes they want you to pick one, if so O.K. as long as there is no purchase involved. When a chosen offer form shows on the screen then look for the skip page button and click it. Before answering yes or no survey questions always check the top then bottom of page to see if there is a skip this page button, if so skip the page. After you have registered at this site and completed a couple free cash offers, with all the information available and as written down by you from steps 1 through 5 above, Continue to step 6 below. (6) The second site that paid me fast money is Cashcrate. This site pays well and has lots of offers. I highly recommend you register and also start working today by clicking on the following link: Follow the directions. Operation of this site is similar to the first site. After registering remember to do a couple free offers, log out and then log back in. To assure your IP address will get recorded and all future pay will get credited to you. Keep your eyes open for future update e-mails from these sites I have listed above will pay you for your work. Don't be side tracked by any of the adds you encounter. I hope that this information clears the fog and confusion that hangs around all the survey for money sites. Now you have a straight path to follow instead of being directed in circles. So just keep on the path. All Surveys and Offers have no ending and never pay up what's promised. Once you say no to everything, yes to only the no cost ones mandatory and then skip their additional info requests, you are more or less finished when you see the statement "You are now qualified", or a congratulations statement similar. After completing a few offers you will get the idea of when to end each offer. Follow the tips of how far to go to complete each offer as listed at the main pay site. Remember Cash Freebies only if you are looking to get paid quicker. Offers for points or prizes take time to acquire. Stick with cash payout freebies only. Happy Cash earning, now go make some real money and get paid soon, Be Well, Karl Fabian P.S. There are lots of survey sites that claim to pay good money and some of them even charge you. Don't believe them. Most are directories of the companies paying for the surveys to be done and they ask you to join each. If you join each as they request, they receive a payout for you joining while you struggle to make pennies. Stick with the freebies I recommended and you should get majority of payment for each site you sign up for during your work. Remember freebies only and always delete all cookies after each offer, now go make money. P.S.S. Drop me a line in the future and let me know how it went for you besides boring O.K. The point here is to make some quick extra cash without any out of pocket expense and I know you will. Now make your own luck. Oh Yea, don't forget to share this opportunity with others in need. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime at ****** SEE NEW RECOMMENDED 4NOFEE JOB LISTINGS BELOW ****** E-Market Termite Kill Device - No Selling - Earn $595 plus for each referral order. Job description: Available worldwide affiliate online work opportunity. Contact multiple industrial and commercial property owner and management markets by Internet and e-mail. Many Internet sells tools provided. Earn $595 plus per referral order. No direct sells contact needed. Simply get the target client to the sales page and when they order you get paid. At .1 to 10 percent ratio the target client orders after 3 to 5 exposures to the needed one of a kind product. Item is a no poison safe effective microwave pest device complete treatment system in use by commercial pest control firms successfully since 1993. This proven technologically advanced product is in high demand and is now available online worldwide to all commercial, industrial and private property firms and individuals who seek an in house termite treatment alternative to costly and cumbersome whole structure poison gas fumigation. Device can also be used as a chemical free bedbug treatment. System comes with an electronic proven termite and bedbug detection device. Sign up and begin work as a corporate affiliate all 4nofee or ongoing costs. The commission pay is high and immediate to you upon referred product order. Can be worked from anywhere worldwide with internet access and there is no product online competition. When you first enter the site to sign up as an affiliate, disregard all the PayDotCom requests made to sell you anything. Simply say no and move on to the no cost Termite Kill Device affiliate registration. There is no fee or charges to register and work as an associate for the company. I personally own shares in this company and regularly follow all the affiliate earnings. Many of the earners are retirees. An extra $595.00 USD from time to time is known to come in handy for these retirees. This is the minimum commission total paid for each associate referral who makes an online purchase. Affiliates only receive a 1099 income reporting form when $600 or more is paid to them during an annual year. That's when two or more referral purchases are made. Don't just take my word for it. Check out the product and the opportunity for yourself and decide. Again, No person to person sales involved, just put the product link in front of selective prospective buyers throughout the world and collect a commission automatically every time a purchase is made. For more details and to sign up free today, click on the following link: You can also copy and paste the link into your internet browser to enter the site. Be Well Karl Fabian 4NoFee Online Work

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