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THE OLDEST MAN-MADE STRUCTURES ON EARTH - "African Stonehenge" Photos !!






the Ice Age

During the Precambrian glaciation - 200.000 years ago - the major part of Nothern Europe was covered by glaciers. Gigantic stones, megalithes brought by the ice, were left behind once the ice was gone.

the megalithic site constructors

Tribes wandered through Europe, over 6000 years ago. They created a route along Scandinavia, Germany and the Northern part of the Netherlands that was above sea level. On their way they constructed a vast amount of gigantic stone monuments.

During the same time the first farmers settled in Europe. Were those farmers and the builders of the stone monuments the same people?

Dötlingen Dötlingen

stable - Stone Age Village Kusow


Archeologists classify most megalithic formations as burial monuments. Accessories and adornments that have been found in the stone monuments, have been dated unto 6000 years ago. According to the scientists those objects are burial gifts, that the members of the tribe gave to the deceased to facilitate their journey to the here-after. It is, however, not unthinkable that the worlds between the dead and the living were not so segregated as they are nowadays, and that both groups were just existing and “living” together. Many of those big stone formations had several rooms (chambers). The completely reconstruced formation of Kleinenkneten - photograph underneath - consists of 3 chambers. Only one of them is publicly accessible, but one could easily imagine that in former days the living resided in one chamber, the remains of the dead in another, and another chamber served for the animals.


The megalithic formations were still used in later centuries. At least, if they were lying in habitated areas. Some of them - not coincidentally the ones that are preserved best - are lying in very remote regions. Some of the smaller stones were taken from between the bigger rocks by the farmers, and used to build houses, stables and churches. And it is not unlikely that some formations were visited for ritual purposes. To say more, people are doing so until the day of today. The Papeloze Kerk - the Catholicless Church - was visited by the renegades of the Roman Church for illegal, religious practices. Last century the formation was rebuild in a form to serve as educational material. The builders used stones from several other stone circle sites to complete the new formation. On the picture you can see clearly that the second stone on top is different from the others, and very unlikely to be a stone that was originally placed there. 

The Papeloze Kerk is the only megalithic formation in the Netherlands that has a real name. All the others just have numbers!


Egypten Gerichtsstätte Am Gräberfeld

I myself - almost - witnessed a Walpurgis Night (April 30th) ritual. On the early morning of the first of May 2010, I found a smouldering fire at the Teufelsbackofen - the Devil's Stove - at Everstorfer Forst South. See picture above. 

In my opinion it is not imperative to completely reconstuct former functions of the megalithic formations. What is most interesting, is how we - in this point in time and place - are interacting with the stones.

myths and sagas

In the Netherlands those megalitic formations are called hunebedden - the beds of giants. Does this refer to another human form? In several traditions we know the visitors that come from heaven. We know the fallen angels of the Kabbalistic tradition, we have the Mexican and Peruan drawings of space visitors, and in European tradition we have those references too. Skadi and her father Thiazzi - a giant - are the first air gods, the Aesir, that descend from heaven to mix with the earth gods - the Vanir. 

Then there is the wide spread shamanic view, that stones are the very first human ancestors. It's those ancestors that are spreading the heath in the sweatlodge.


Over the ages, many stone circles and monuments have been destroyed, especially so after the invention of the gunpowder. Many megalithic formations have been blown up, and the remains have been used as buildiing material for houses and highways. Furthermore, machines made it much easier to move the megalithes. Many farmers did so to enlarge their farmland.

nature conservation

The megalithic formations in Germany are legally protected since the end of the 19th century by Naturschutz - an organisation for the conservation of nature. In Holland this took half a century longer, and even then the big formations were often seen as an obstruction for farming and building. Many stone monuments were moved elsewhere, even partly, and then rebuild together with stones of other sites. Some of those efforts resulted in pretty pictures, but it also caused a disharmonious clash of energies in some places.


Archeologists did a good job in mapping the remaining megalithic formations. However, because they just took their material perceptions into account, they might not have been the right persons to reconstruct and restore the formations. The denial and misperception of the different energies has resulted in some very disharmonious spheres here and there. 

I also doubt the wide spread interpretation of the constructions of the sites. I would call their theory a view, not neccessarilly the truth.



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