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Sacrifices in vain on the Afghanistan war path !

Sacrifices in vain on the Afghanistan war path


By Kellie Tranter


 made public yesterday suggests that the Taliban, backed by Pakistan, is set to retake control of Afghanistan after NATO-led forces withdraw.

Although not a strategic study the report begs the question, has the sacrifice of our Australian diggers been in vain? Has our contribution to the war on terrorism as Australian taxpayers been money well spent?

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Hormuz-mania: Why closure of the Strait of Hormuz could ignite a war and a global depression


When it comes to U.S. policy toward Iran, irony is the name of the game.  Where to begin?  The increasingly fierce sanctions that the Obama administration is seeking to impose on that country's oil business will undoubtedly cause further problems for its economy and 

 to ordinary Iranians.  But they are likely to be splendid news for a few other countries that Washington might not be quite so eager to favor.

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The Assange case means we are all suspects now

By John Pilger

This week's Supreme Court hearing in the Julian Assange case has profound meaning for the preservation of basic freedoms in western democracies.

This is Assange's final appeal against his extradition to Sweden to face allegations of sexual misconduct that were originally dismissed by the chief prosecutor in Stockholm and constitute no crime in Britain.

The consequences, if he loses, lie not in Sweden but in the shadows cast by America's descent into totalitarianism. In Sweden, he is at risk of being "temporarily surrendered" to the US where his life has been threatened and he is accused of "aiding the enemy" with Bradley Manning, the young soldier accused of leaking evidence of US war crimes to WikiLeaks.

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Public Forum: Wikileaks, Assange and Democracy

WikiLeaks, a free press publishing and media organisation, has revealed human rights abuses, war crimes and corruption in governments across the world. Yet the US Administration wants to close WikiLeaks down and prosecute its founder Julian Assange.

International financial services organisations have blocked payments to WikiLeaks, denying them vital income. The Australian government has failed to take a stand against the political persecution of Assange.

PM Gillard's assertion that WikiLeaks activities were illegal was proved to be false by an Australian Federal Police investigation.

What does all this say about our democracy?

Come to a public forum presented by the Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition, with:

  • Scott Ludlam, Greens Senator
  • Christine Assange, mother of Julian Assange
  • Humphrey McQueen, Historian, ANU
  • Chaired by Mary Kostakidis

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Organised by the Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition and supported by Stop the War Coalition

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