Thursday, February 9, 2012

Susquehannock village being desecrated by Builders and realtors. !!

As the time gets closer to the building of houses on the Susquehannock village and gravesite behind the corner of Wabank,and Waypoint rd. 

We are asking everyone who feels that this desecration of a Sacred site is wrong, who believes that our Native Ancestors, and the history of this village in southern Lancaster should be preserved if nothing else for historical reasons, to please contact Senator Lloyd Smucker of Lancaster PA, and Gov. Tom Corbett in Harrisburg and lets tell him to stop the building of this site before they continue. 

There are places in Lancaster county where European graves are saved for historical reasons, and this Susquehannock site should be saved as well.

Are we not human just because our skin is not white? 

Are we not human just because some are not "Federally recognized" by the state or government? 

Is it bad enough that Native Americans are the last race on the planet to get equal rights? 

I think that I have made my point.

Now please help us make the same point to the Pennsylvania government, and save this site, as there are very few left. 

How can we teach our children and grandchildren true history, if theres nothing left to teach,or no landmarks to show them?

Please contact: 

Senator Lloyd Smucker 

Lancaster office: Phone 717-397-1309

                            Fax:    717-299-7798


Harrisburg Office: Phone 717-787-6538

                             Fax: 717-722-5471

Governer Corbett: 225 Main Capitol Bldg.

                              Harrisburg PA 17120

                               Phone: 717-787-2500

                                   Fax: 717-772-8284

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