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Why the human species does not deserve to survive !

Why the human species
does not deserve 
to survive

By John Kaminski

There is no tradition in the world today that needs to be continued, no legacy that needs to be maintained, and most especially, there is no special breed of men whose manufactured heritage rests on the slaughtered corpses of history that deserves to survive. 

None of them ever served, saved or benefitted any living thing. They only ever rationalized killing someone else.
All the traditions of the world are false constructs, self-serving rationalizations of a cowardly species that throughout its existence has refused to face the facts. Instead, it has embarked on a futile quest to prove that death doesn't really happen to people who utter certain magic phrases.

All our traditions, legacies and fancy designations for people who call themselves holy have contributed equally to this poisoned position in which we now find ourselves trapped — namely, our air, water and food all fouled for transitory profit by these same righteous men.

Thus all our traditions, legacies and royal titles need to be expunged from the repertoire of human behavior as delusional, masochistic and inimical to all life forms. The story of the Earth is the story of how the golden coin stole the lives of the people who invented it.

• • •

No tradition in the world needs to be maintained because all our finest teachings have led only to today's frothing sewer of nihilism and mayhem. Codified belief systems have produced only disbelief and hypocrisy, as one by one, those who become our leaders inflict their shadowy perversions on every living thing, and then twist history to conceal their deeds.

We observe the world before us today with horror and regret, yet persist in following the same rules that produced the result. When overwhelming disaster overtakes us, we turn our heads away and pray that God will protect us — but that overwhelming belief in the God presented to us by very human priests has produced only the endless carnage of impulse-driven animals forever eating the blood of others in an abstract way, always trying, ever more desperately, to anesthetize that gnawing knowledge that the clock is ticking.

All those games you tried so hard to win, all those wars in which cheating was not only legal but essential, all those sorry things you built while you lived were all to make you forget that these actions were but homeopathic doses of triumph over adversity mimicking victory over death. This was the story we told ourselves, then confabulated the legends and built the libraries to convince ourselves of the validity of our perspective.

Suppression leads to disease. False hopes manufacture deeds of desperation, fantastic totemistic monuments to beings from the sea who appeared to be from the sky. The human formula, applicable across time: fast buck operations produce skyscrapers from anonymous corpses.

The fleeing become like those they have fled. We called them monsters, but then took their rules and their treasures and became just like those we hated, rape after rape, monstrosity after monstrosity . . . anything to anesthetize us from the shadow. It should not surprise you to know you are descended from a long line of vicious and senseless killers.
The proof is in the pudding, pussycats! Your whole thought structure is built upon an impossible lie, which you insist is the God's Honest Truth. Cross my heart!

It's time to turn and face the shadow, acknowledge what it is, realize absolutely everyone has the same problem, and put your arm around someone's shoulder.

If we were to do this all over the world, our problems — or at least that particular very big one that undergirds almost all other problems — would be over, and collectively, we could then take a big healthy breath and move on to a destiny that we could realistically create for ourselves.
• • •
But instead we're all lining up to die in a FEMA camp. Bring your crucifix, Rosie! The rest of us are being surreptitiously suffocated by aluminum and cesium nanoparticles that as we speak are speedily eroding our respiratory and digestive tracks.
The simple human egoic will to power is generated by the actual knowledge we die. The behavioral disguises of organized religions blunt this horrifically terrifying specter with mystifying mythological misrepresentations, then suffuse it through social rituals into a manageable fear. This is the great contribution to human health made by religion.

But the giant fly in the ointment, the fatal flaw in the diamond of human experience, is the lie that Thoth taught to the ancient Africans, that became what Osiris taught to the Egyptians, that became what Apophis taught to the Hebrew invaders, that became what the Essenes in that city named for Aristotle's pupil Alexander called the Christos and what Constantine later named Hesus, that became Torquemada's monster and Luther's theses, that became Scofield's Zionist perversion of scripture that became anti-popes and Rev. Hagee now saying worship not the god Jesus Christ whom we invented for you two thousand years ago but instead . . . worship the people who actually invented him TO SAVE YOU . . . from something from which you cannot be saved, except through the fantasy manipulation of your mind (a technique absolutely everybody uses).

The angel that Jacob defeated was merely an overseer from another place whom Jacob swindled out of his heritage, etching the paradigm of twisted Jewish logic into human history.

And yet, and yet, Jesus is sweet. People depend on him. This is a place that all of us, at some point in time, will go. You will have this conversation. It's a scary and the most real thing you will ever confront. 

Don't think that you can get out of it. But never fear what you may not avoid. Confront it, and understand it, and a very wonderful light will turn on in your head — and you will realize the perception that you are larger than yourself, and connected to everything.or the notion that this process presented as our framework for reality came from the time before history but in Alexandria was taken over by the Jews, peddling an essential product for a universal problem with a stolen and ultimately harmful solution, judging by its death toll.

Christianity was invented as an excuse to kill black people. Islam was invented as an excuse to kill white people.
Now I ask you, Sigmoid! Is that a Jewish scam or what? (Well, of course, it's not really a Jewish scam, because possess nothing that they haven't stolen from someone else. The Jews just happen to be the longtime and current operators of the scam that cures a disease that absolutely the Jews everyone on the planet has with a remedy guaranteed ly to reap an unhealthy profit for themselves at an astronomical cost to everyone else.) Understand this. Abraham was the first banker.
In this time of disheartening desperation, I am only a sandlot quarterback calling a questionable play calculated against overwhelming odds to the contrary to save our bacon. It's called voluntary evolutionary change. And it's counterintuitive so it's hard to understand.

Two thousand years of evidence conclusively proves that our belief system, with a free pass to eternal life if you only say the right words, manifests in the real world as senseless killing for crass financial motives dressed in religious righteousness to make the unwitting peasant supporters of these atrocities feel good about themselves.

Making people feel good about bad things that are done in their name is something you see in the newspapers every single day as the dark totalitarian stain creeps across the landscape. In that same way, religions make us feel good about the boys we sacrifice to the Purim monster — that eternal monument of fear-based hate: it makes us feel . . . well . . . immortal. And the priests tell you this is what God wants.

My God doesn't want that. And neither does yours.

If you believe the lie, the killing will continue. If you admit that death happens, and will happen to you in a certain time and place — no exceptions, no coming back or sitting at the right hand of God — the killing will stop.

Anyone who presumes to know where God will take us on the next phase of our journey is a cowardly fool who doesn't even comprehend his own mistrust in the divine. And this is a planet of fools who are soon to go extinct.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and, who like so many others at this treacherous point in time, is about to be erased from the pages of history like so much sand on a beach being sucked out to sea. In the limited future remaining to us, there will be no central repository of these stories, so file them as you see fit. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.

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