Monday, February 13, 2012

A Zapatista Valentine's: Love, Corn, Cacao and Travels!!

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Dear Friends,

Someone famous once noted that true revolutionaries are guided by feelings of great love.

This Valentine's Day helps reminds us how much we love you and all that you do to make the world a better place.  Perhaps you can plant Zapatista corn in a garden somewhere this year or perhaps you can visit us in Chiapas ~ both the seeds and the trips are ready for you!  (We've also got lots of Valentine's gifts.)

No matter what, thanks for keeping in touch with Schools for Chiapas. 


Por y para los niños y las niñas,


Peter Brown aka Pedro Cafe 


ps.  If you've got a job or some cash, please remember that it's only folks like you who make the work of Schools for Chiapas possible.  Click here to DONATE NOW!  


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Chiapas Travel ~ Summer 2012
Ambulance can provide emergency transportation
 Join us in the misty mountains and steamy jungles of the Mexican southeast.
Even as our spring trips begin, Schools for Chiapas is planning an active and productive summer.  You can be a part.  Click for info.
A Gift of Education
Jumping kids in Oventic Primary
Your Valentine's Day gift  will change this girl's life!.


Dec. 2012 Travel ~ Sixth Sun Zapatista Visions
Jumping kids in Oventic Primary
The end of the ancient Mayan calendar is also the beginning of a new and better world.  Join the celebration!
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GMO-free Zapatista Seed Corn  
Cacao Seeds ~ Raw and Organic


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Amber Earrings


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