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China Xinjiang International Folk dance Festival ! - THE NADAM FAIR - Opera "Muqam Spring"

·Beginning in the Pamir Highland12:51:37 02/03/2008
·The Hero Returning to the East - Wobaxi15:34:09 07/08/2010
·Daur: Pioneers from Grassland11:48:57 12/22/2009
·The sanam tradition15:15:53 11/24/2009
·Falcon cultural festival15:15:53 11/24/2009
·THE NADAM FAIR  (as seen on CCTV 9/5/12)15:33:52 11/29/2006

Ethnic Mongolians number around 140000 in Xinjiang. Most of them live in the Mongolian Autonomous Prefectures of Bayingoleng and Bortala, and the Autonomous County of Hoboksar. Most of them engage in animal husbandry and some of them
in farming.Their national costume is the Mongolian robe with broad trimmings, tied with a red, yellow, or green satin sash around the waist, and a Mongolian knife hanging from it. Some even like to carry a saddle-bag across their shoulders. There are three types of Mongolian robes, the single layer, the lined,and the fur-lined. Men's robes mostly come in blue, green, or black, while lamas' came in redor yellow. The men wear western hats or tie a scarf aroundtheir heads. The women keep their hair long and cover their heads with blue or red scarves. Both the men and women wear leather riding boots or felt boots. But now, people prefer to wear either Chinese or western clothes and put on their national costumes only on high days and holidays. Their annual Nadam is major event which is a combination of recreational sports, entertainment and commodity fair where activities such as horse-racing, archery, wrestling, singing and dancing take place.

15:40:05 11/29/2006
·Drinking Festival and Sowing Festival of Tajik Minority16:46:09 12/22/2006
·West Moving Festival of Xibe Minority16:46:09 12/22/2006
·West Moving Festival of Xibe Minority16:46:09 12/22/2006
·Housing of the Kirgiz people16:34:11 10/28/2010
·Meshrep, the most important cultural carrier of Uygur traditions11:12:10 11/18/2010
·China's ethnic affairs minister talks about development in ethnic minority areas10:28:25 11/22/2010
·Korban Fest. Celebrated16:07:27 11/18/2010
·Chinese Muslims Celebrate Corban Festival10:16:23 11/18/2010
·Marriage of Uygur ethnic minority in Xinjiang09:04:39 08/26/2010
·HOME IN THE DESERT11:34:41 05/22/2008
·Tingzhou on the Silk Road-Hui Nationality and Islamic Cultures10:41:41 07/21/2010
·Xinjiang "Guli"13:25:31 07/16/2010

·Ethnic integration top goal in Xinjiang: Expert12:02:51 06/07/2010
·Xibe Ethnic Group: Arrow shooting decides all16:20:33 06/22/2010
·Spring water festival celebrated in Hami16:20:39 06/22/2010
·Daur ethnic group: chicken liver decides wedding day16:20:09 06/22/2010
·Kirgiz ethnic group: wedding in bride's house and living in groom's16:20:19 06/22/2010
·The famous Xinjiang Uygur Ethnic Singing & Dancing16:14:20 06/22/2010
·Customs of Kazak Nationality in Xinjiang16:14:23 06/22/2010
·Life of Kirgiz Nationality in Xinjiang16:14:33 06/22/2010
·Xinjiang Folk Street and Folk custom Museum16:14:36 06/22/2010
·Mazar worship16:14:45 06/22/2010
·Wonderful women16:14:50 06/22/2010
·Kazakh wedding ceremony16:14:54 06/22/2010
·Nowruz Celebrations in China: Xinjiang Uyghur16:15:01 06/22/2010
·Id Fiesta (Id-Al-fitr)16:15:03 06/22/2010
·Hari Raya Puasa16:15:14 06/22/2010
·Xinjiang folk-custom is seen without exception16:13:51 06/22/2010
·"Shehuo show" performed in Xinjiang to celebrate forthcoming Latern Festival16:14:01 06/22/2010
·Wedding ceremony held in Folk Custom Village in Xinjiang16:14:08 06/22/2010
·Costoms of Uzbek (Ozbek) Nationality in Xinjiang16:14:13 06/22/2010
·Life of Uygur (Uigur) Nationality in Xinjiang16:14:16 06/22/2010

·From discord to harmony16:59:47 12/01/2009
·Manashiqis: Teaching from the Gods Received in a Dream?16:06:22 09/27/2006
·My grandfather-a Living Homer16:04:28 09/27/2006
·Manas and Achilles: A Comparison of “Manas” and the Greek Epic16:03:23 09/27/2006

15:46:51 06/11/2008

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