Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apple Shows Off iPhone 5's Features in Two New Ads !


Apple unveiled two new television ads Monday that flaunt the iPhone 5's new features.

One 30-second spot, called "Brilliant," demonstrates how users can pay for Starbucks items using Passbook, an iOS app that stores all types of tickets (e.g. boarding passes, hotel confirmations, film stubs, vouchers, loyalty cars) without having to print them. Passbook support for Starbucks became available in early October.

The ad also features the MyScript Calculator app, which lets users sketch out any math problem, and Philips Hue, a web-enabled LED home-lighting system sold exclusively in Apple stores.

"Discover," Apple's other spot (below), highlights the iPhone's shopping functions and musical capabilities. Apple's Maps also makes a brief appearance in it.

Last month, Apple launched similar ads for its iPad and iPad mini.

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Avert Disaster With This Self-Powered Emergency Smartphone Charger


You could have all the apps in the world to prepare you for survival when disaster strikes — flashlight, emergency contacts, GPS and first aid tips — but they'll be entirely useless when you run out of battery juice on your phone.

If you're camping in the boondocks or preparing a disaster survival kit, you might want to consider a low-tech emergency smartphone charger. Seattle-based SOS Ready has designed the pocket-sized "SOSCharger," which is powered by you. With the gadget's built-in generator, all you do is connect to your smartphone via USB connection and hand-crank the handle. The SOSCharger has a 1,500 mAh Lithium Polymer battery, and depending on your phone and network, the company claims three to five minutes of winding will translate to five to 12 minutes of talk time.

The iPod Classic-sized charger also features charge and battery level indicators.

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SOS Ready premiered the SOSCharger at CES this year and their prototype is tested and complete. The company is hoping to raise $27,000 on Kickstarter to take the charger to full production, with shipping targeted for this summer. With 45 days left to go for the Kickstarter campaign, backers have pledged $16,452, as of Monday evening. Backers who pledge at least $25 will be among the first to receive the charger.

Solar chargers are also a low-tech charging option, but on its Kickstarter page, SOS Ready points out their perceived flaw in an emergency situation: "Many current solar solutions also don't collect enough light to work effectively and light is not always available in an emergency."

During 2012's Hurricane Sandy, photos captured New Yorkers gathering around crowded power strips, finding desperate means to juice their devices.

New Yorkers McGyver Tech After Hurricane Sandy

Not 1995

"Payphones occupied." - vmegatrn


Chips and a Charge

"Right now I'm in the corner store charging my phone because I still have no power." - myswag_khalil


iPhone Cords Spill Onto the Floor

"#TheEndIsHere" - danehurt


Truly Genius

"#NOPOWER but Thank god to my daddy's work #van. ..WE GOT T.V and #changing [sic] #outlets." - stephdarwiche


Chase Bank Is Literally the Hot Spot

"Party at Chase! B.Y.O.SurgeProtector! #NoPower #LowerManhattan #Sandy." - tifftheabstract


Plug-In Pow-Wow at the Chase

"Determination." - AmandaWills


Bar Is Open for Charge

via jenniferdopazo


Closed for Business, Open for Wi-Fi

"Every Starbucks I've seen is closed, but completely flanked by people. Why? It's still the best WiFi in NYC." - rembertmanx


Forget Caffeine, We Need the Net

"Starbucks is closed but their wifi is up." - scottkolb


BONUS: We Commend You, Grill Master

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