Friday, March 1, 2013

Chinese on the Macitosh [ new features in OS X 8.2 ] Mountain Lion

Features for China

Improved text input

Typing Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese is easier, faster, and more accurate than ever. As you type, Mountain Lion offers more up-to-date and relevant candidates for words and phrases.

Dynamic word lists

Mountain Lion draws word and phrase suggestions from lists of words that update dynamically without the need for an OS X update.

Fuzzy Pinyin input

Mountain Lion adds support for Fuzzy Pinyin, which makes text input easier for users who type Pinyin with regional pronunciations.

Pinyin autocorrection

When you mistype a word, Mountain Lion offers a likely candidate for the word you meant to type.

Better handwriting recognition

Mountain Lion supports almost 30,000 Chinese characters. Handwriting recognition complies with the GB-18030 standard for character support.

Mix Chinese and English

You can now type English words in a Pinyin sentence without switching keyboards.

User dictionary in iCloud

When you add words to your user dictionary in the Pinyin input method, iCloud makes them available on all your devices.2

Emoji and facemarks

You can now easily add emoji and facemarks to a Pinyin sentence without switching keyboards.

Definition dictionary

The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese is now available in the Dictionary app for those using Simplified Chinese.


Lookup in Mountain Lion supports Simplified Chinese. Place your cursor over the word and tap with three fingers on the trackpad to see the definition. If you use a mouse, Control-click the word and choose Look Up from the contextual menu.

New fonts

Mountain Lion includes eight new fonts, from modern to classical, for Chinese users.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo, the popular Chinese microblogging service, is now built into the Share menu. Sign in once and it’s set up. Share links and photos to Sina directly from Safari, Preview, Photo Booth, and Quick Look. And Sina Weibo works with Notification Center, so you get a notification whenever someone mentions you in a post or sends you a direct message. You can also choose to add Sina nicknames and profile photos to your contacts.

Youku and Tudou video upload

Easily share videos on popular Chinese video-sharing websites Youku and Tudou. When you preview a video file in QuickTime Player or Quick Look, you can post it directly to Youku or Tudou with the Share button — without switching to another app. With single sign-on, log in once and start posting videos.

Baidu search in Safari

Baidu, the leading Chinese search provider, is a built-in option for searching in Safari.

Easy setup for popular mail clients

Mountain Lion makes it easy to set up Mail with the popular services QQ Mail, 126, and 163.

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