Friday, March 15, 2013

Look into the eyes of a wolf and see your heart & soul !

"The spirit of the Wolf resides in my soul."

The Final Song

His song was ancient and pure. The song of the wind and that of the moon.
The Ancient ones cried when his music faded forever from their ears,
and the children's dreams went sour without his lullaby.

In his music was contained the tales of all that ever was and a longing
for what he knew was never to be. Never again was his kind to travel boldly
and without fear across the great expanse. Respected and revered by all
that heard his song or saw his shadow pass.

His song now a whisper, his bold step but a crawl,
he gathered up his strength to cry one final call.
He sang of sorrow for those who would never know and for those who
knew too well that the song was meant to be.

When the song had ended and the echoes faded away,
all eyes opened to what was lost.
Tears were shed and souls did go astray when they knew
they had gone wrong, but no one stopped to
think of these things... before the Final Song.


Wolves, like the Indian,
choose their mates wisely
and do not part till death;
making the two spiritually entwined.

two spiritually entwined source: geocities page nativevoices - missing


Moon when Wolves run together

Long ago, an old wolf came to that time when
his life on earth could last no longer.

"My people," he said,

"You can follow in my footsteps when the time comes
for you to join me in the skyland."

Then he left the earth, climbing higher and higher,
and each place he stepped the sky filled with stars.

Shunk man-i-tu tan-ka we call the wolves,
the powerful spirits who look like dogs.

When they climb the hills to lift their heads and sing
toward that road of stars, their songs grow stronger as they join their voices.



Wolf Ceremony

Story by
Cheif Dan George (1899-1981)

In my song, I appealed to the Wolf to come and preside over us while
I would perform the Wolf ceremony so that the bondage between
my grandson and the wolf would be lifelong.

I Sang.

In my voice was the hope that clings to every heartbeat.

I Sang.

In my words were the powers I inherited from my forefathers.

I Sang.

In my cupped hands lay a spruce seed...the link of creation.

I Sang.

In my eyes sparkled Love.

I Sang.


The Strength of the Wolf

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my heart
Mostly peacefully, yet ever wild
Running in time to the blowing wind
Dancing in the clouds that drift in the Heavens.

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my soul
Longing to hear the song of the Great One
Striving to be that which I am in my natural state
Succeeding only because of the Love that the Universe grants me.

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