Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 US troops plotted to kill Obama !

US troops plotted to kill Obama 28 Aug 2012 Four US soldiers plotted to assassinate Barack Obama and overthrow the government, a court has heard. Prosecutors in Georgia said they formed an anarchist [?] militia within the military. Prosecutor Isabel Pauley said the group bought 87,000 dollars (£55,000) of guns and bomb-making materials and plotted to take over Fort Stewart, bomb targets in Savannah and Washington state, as well as assassinate the president.

Breaking: U.S. Army troops, brandishing automatic assault rifles, deployed to New Orleans 28 Aug 2012 Tropical Storm Isaac strengthened into a hurricane just off the U.S. Gulf Coast on Tuesday, lashing the New Orleans area with strong winds and heavy rain seven years after the city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina... Hundreds of U.S. Army National Guard troops took up strategic positions around New Orleans. Brandishing automatic assault rifles to ward off any 'threat of looting,' the troops in military vehicles took up positions on mostly deserted streets.

'We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments' --Assad's Foreign Minister gives his first interview to a Western journalist since the conflict began 28 Aug 2012 The battle for Damascus could be heard inside the Foreign Minister's office yesterday, a vibration of mortars and tank fire from the suburbs of the capital that penetrated Walid Muallem's inner sanctum, a dangerous heartbeat to match the man's words. America was behind Syria's violence, he said, which will not end even after the battle for Aleppo is over. "I tell the Europeans: 'I don't understand your slogan about the welfare of the Syrian people when you are supporting 17 resolutions against the welfare of the Syrian people'. And I tell the Americans: 'You must read well what you did in Afghanistan and Somalia. I don't understand your slogan of fighting international terrorism when you are supporting this terrorism in Syria'."

Britain and US plan a Syrian revolution from an innocuous office block in Istanbul 26 Aug 2012 An underground network of Syrian

opposition activists
terrorists is receiving training and supplies of vital equipment from a combined American and British effort to forge an effective alternative to the Damascus government. Dozens of dissidents have been ferried out of Syria to be vetted for foreign backing. Recipients of the aid are given satellite communications and computers so that they can act as a local "hub" linking local activists and the outside world. The training takes place in an Istanbul district where handsome apartment blocks line the steep slopes and rooftop terraces boast views over the Golden Horn waterway. [US tax dollars at work!]

Isaac becomes Cat 1 hurricane near Gulf Coast 28 Aug 2012 Finally reaching hurricane status, the unwieldy and wobbly Isaac bore down on this city Tuesday, offering one of the first tests for a stronger, more fortified levee system built after the catastrophic failures [exploded levees to flood the Ninth Ward] during Hurricane Katrina. Seven years after that storm transformed this city, the mood was calm as the first wave of rain bands and wind gusts rolled ashore... Isaac looked to make landfall as early as Tuesday as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of at least 74 mph -- much lower than the 135 mph winds Katrina packed in 2005.

Arctic becoming a 'giant slushie,' says scientist 28 Aug 2012 Long-term thinning of Arctic sea ice combined with an intense, windy storm over the Arctic in early August contributed to a new record low for sea-ice extent, scientists said Monday. "It used to be the Arctic ice cover was like a big block of ice," said Walt Meier, a research scientist with the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) during a press conference held after the new record low was set on Sunday (Aug. 26). "Now it's become crushed ice and that is a lot easier to melt and melt more quickly. Parts of the Arctic have become like a giant slushie. [That] makes them more vulnerable to these types of storms."

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