Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing on the World "Cultivating a Sustainable Humanity"



Following a killing, two boys take two journeys of self-realization. One, a sulking bully, is expelled from school and is forced to find his roots in a small village. The other, a bright and promising student, runs away from the crime and wakes up in a monastery …

A unique visual jewel; a very rare opportunity to explore Bhutan and its magical culture of compassion. Experience an intimate view of this exclusive Himalayan paradise and fall in love with a secluded Buddhist society that lives within its own rules.

Panorama Bhutan

“No one is designed for anything. With time we learn to do what is needed. It’s an amazing thing being a human, you learn to adapt”
- Deki

Wandering Artist Director Lobsang Tenzin share his views about the projects in Bhutan.

There is more to come ; this is only the beginning !

Follow us in this amazing journey …

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