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Wu Dang - The Lineage and Legacy !

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About Wu Dang - The Lineage and Legacy

Mystical Mountains of Wu DangA Sacred Mountain...A Spiritual Home

For more than two thousand years, people have come to Wu Dang Mountain to withdraw from society and cultivate peacefulness in an endless stream of uplifting energy.  The magnificence of the surroundings and the positive and reposeful energies in the air have attracted some of the world's finest thinkers and spiritual guides.  All of the great practitioners of internal energy development have come to Wu Dang Mountain and made great and unique contributions to the Taoist discourse.

A Center for Taoist Thought and Practice

Wu Dan Mountain is the most important center for training in the internal martial arts and the healing arts (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Liang Yi, and Wu Ji) in the world.  It is a physical and spiritual sanctuary where visitors, even from far away, feel that they have returned to their original nature.  The tranquil beauty of the landscape makes it an ideal environment for the cultivation of mind and spirit.  Over one hundred Taoist priests currently practice internal alchemy and inner spiritual development on Wu Dang Mountain.


The Great Mountain

Wu Dang Peak

Located about 500 miles west of Shanghai, Wu Dang Mountain (formally known as Xuan Yue) is one of the four most venerated mountains in China.

Wu Dang Mountain is actually a group of 72 peaks that tower over the Jianghann Plain.  Tianzhu, its magnificent peak, rises majestically into the clouds at an elevation of 5286 feet.

The Wu Dang MonasteryPalaces in the Wu Dang Monastery

The Wu Dang Monastery was built on the mountain during the Ming Dynasty (1386-1644).  The Emperor built the monastery and the Wu Dang Temple became the  personal temple and spiritual home of the imperial family.

Today, Wu Dang is the site of over 20,000 palaces and temples, arranged in 33 groups over an area with a circumference of 248 miles. 

The complex contains nine palaces, eight temples, 36 convents, 72 cliff temples and more than 30 pavilions and bridges.  The vast complex is the world's largest Taoist center.  From the air the magnificent site resembles a dragon taking flight, full of power and mystery.

In 1983, the state decided to oped the Purple Heaven Hall (including the Golden Hall) of Wu Dang Mountain to the public.  There are currently more than twenty older Taoist priests and sixty younger priests practicing the development of their internal energy there.


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