Thursday, August 30, 2012

Use These 10 Sites to Detect Plagiarism !

If we’ve learned one thing from the Jonah Lehrer plagiarism debacle it’s that copying or falsifying your work just isn’t worth it. Last month, The New Yorker writer resigned from his position at the magazine after admitting to fabricating quotes in his latest book, as well as borrowing from his own articles at other publications.

Plagiarism is as much a serious offense in the academic world as it is in journalism. Most high schools and universities take extreme disciplinary action if a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing, often leading to suspension or expulsion.

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We’ve rounded up 10 online services that check text for plagiarism. Whether you’re an educator looking to verify your students’ work, or a student looking to make sure you haven’t overstepped “paraphrasing,” you’ll find something here that can help.



lucy goerge said...
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lucy goerge said...

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