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iPad Tips and Tricks !

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A guide for Executives and Managers

by Bill French, Founder, iPadCTO

1st Edition

iPad Tips and Tricks!

This ebook scratches the surface of the ingenious ways to use iPad more efficiently and more productively. These tips have been culled from my own experiences and research encounters as well as some shared tips from iPadCTO readers.

I’m always looking for new ways to become more productive with this remarkable and game- changing device. Drop me a note if you’ve found a clever tip you’d like to share.

Tip 1

Soft Reset

This is a really handy tip - performing a soft reset - i.e., a reboot.This will be extremely useful in those rare cases when your iPad freezes or you’re struggling with a new iOS update.

Hold the top (power) and bottom front (home) button for about five seconds and your iPad will restart. Similarly, to force-quit any application, hold the home button by itself for a few seconds.

Tip 2

Quick Select-All

As we know, copying text is simple - double tapping a word. Getting a whole paragraph is done by dragging the little blue numbs, right? Wrong.

Speed up the process and avoid dragging those little nubs around by tapping any editable text four times. This will highlight the entire paragraph.

Tip 3

Import Books

You don’t need to get your eBooks from the iBooks bookstore - you can download ePub formatted books from any source and install them to your iPad.

To install an ePub formatted ebook into your iPad via iTunes, drag and drop the ePub file into the iTunes Books folder and then sync your iPad.

Tip 4

iPad Screenshot

Many people don't realize you can do this on any iOS device: screenshot anything you're looking at with a simple button combination.

Push the top (power) and home buttons at the same time for about a half second. The screen image will be stored in your photo library.

Tip 5

Fast Scroll to Top

You're reading a very lengthy web page and realize you want to get back to the top. Few people realize that a double tap on the bezel above the browser (the title bar) is possible and will instantly scroll to the top.

Tip 6

Switching Keyboards

Most of us assume you need to disable your Bluetooth keyboard to get the virtual keyboard to come up. This is not true - simply hit the eject button on your Bluetooth keyboard and iPad will launch the internal keyboard.

Tip 7

Preview Mail

By default, iPad's email app is configured to show only 2 lines, probably a hold-over from iPhone, but impractically small for iPad.

Go to Settings | Mail, Contacts and Calendars and select "5 lines" under Preview. Also, while you're at it, you might want to update your Push email from "Manual" if you like to have your messages waiting when you open the Mail app. Note - push features tend to drain battery power a bit more quickly.

Tip 8

Faster End-of-Sentence

Instead of typing a period at the end of each sentence, just double-tap the space bar. It will enter a period followed by a space. The same trick works on the iPhone.

Tip 9

Organizing Apps

Most people think that organizing apps on your iPad (or iPhone) must be done on the device. This isn't true - you can use iTunes to drag and drop app icons wherever you want.

Connect and select your iPad, then select the Apps tab and drag icons from the top window frame to the frame where you want to place any given icon.

Tip 10

Find Apps Quickly

Now that you have many dozens of apps on your iPad, it's sometimes difficult to find that app you want quickly.

Double tap the home screen button and type the first few characters of the app name. Chances are good it'll be right there. Tap on it and you're running it.

Tip 11

Web Pages As Apps

Instead of using bookmarks to get back to frequently visited web pages, consider creating desk-top icons for those most important pages.

In Safari, tap the Add Bookmark icon (+), select "Add To Home Screen", and then tap the Add button. An icon shortcut to the page will be added to your desktop.

Tip 12

VPN Your iPad

Few iPad users realize that iPad supports VPN to access your corporate business network.

To configure it for VPN use, go to Settings, then General, Network. Select the VPN and move the slider to the On position, then add a VPN configuration with your server and your VPN account details.

Tip 13

Better Battery Life

The iPad battery can last for up to 10 hours, but you can squeak out a bit more usage. Drag the brightness slider (under Settings, Brightness) as low as you can stand, turn off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (under Settings), don't play and videos or music, and avoid gaming apps.

Tip 14

Lock Rotate

This may not qualify as much of a secret, since Apple promotes the feature, but in my early experience, it's terrifically useful. Flick the switch above the volume controls to lock screen rotation. The iPad is quite sensitive to orientation, and rotates its screen with little provocation. Locking rotation means sticking with the view you're in, even as you shift position, or place the iPad flat on a surface.

Tip 15

Apostrophe is a Bitch

I use apostrophe's all the time; see I just used one. But this is a key that's not visible on the integrated virtual keyboard so it's a huge hassle typing them.

Press and hold the comma key. A pop-up variation appears with an apostrophe, and it even appears highlighted, which means you don't have to move your finger to select it. Simply tap, hold for a moment, then release to create the apostrophe.

Tip 16

Curly Quotes

There are many variations of quotes and finding them in iPad's keyboard can be counter productive.

Just tap and hold any quotes key and you get a selection of possibilities.

Tip 17

Access Alternate Characters

Touch and hold a character on the onscreen keyboard to view related characters. For example, holding the E key brings up accented E characters, or holding the $ key brings up other currency symbols.

Tip 18

Better Zooming

The Zoom accessibility option that's in the iPhone OS is even more helpful on the iPad than on a smaller device because of the additional screen territory. You can turn this on from Settings | Accessibility | Zoom by flipping Zoom to On.

The Zoom screen explains the three options: double tap with three fingers to zoom in; drag with three fingers for panning around the screen; and use three fingers to double tap without releasing, and then drag up or down to zoom in or out.

Tip 19

Replace Includes Thesaurus

When you select a word, the familiar pop-up options appear: Cut, Copy, and Paste. The iPad adds a new option: Replace. Tap it to view alternate spellings or corrections.

Tip 20

Interactive Spell Checker

The iPad includes a built-in spell check feature that acts the same as the one in Mac OS X. If you misspell a word, it appears with a dotted red underline. Tap the word to view suggested spellings.

Tip 21

Two-Finger Zoom for Web


When you encounter a video on a Web page that the iPad can play, touching it with two fingers and expanding (the opposite of the pinch gesture) zooms the video to full-screen mode.

Tip 22

Just The iPad Apps?

iTunes is less than sensitive to your iPad apps organization - it displays your iPad only apps at the bottom of your apps list. Just scroll on down to the bottom. There they are.

Tip 23

Desktop to iPad File Sharing

If you're wondering where Pages, Numbers and other Apps that save files store and manage the synching, look closely at the iTunes Apps tab when you plug in your iPad. Scroll down and you'll see the File Sharing. Check out the apps that utilize fie sharing and the actual documents.

When you're ready to sync your files, use the Add.. button to add your files and work with them on the go.

Tip 24

USB Ports That Don't Charge

Many USB ports don't have enough power to charge an iPad when the iPad is on. Try turning the iPad off and giving those low-power ports another try. It's likely that they will charge your iPad.

Tip 25

Copy/Paste Pictures to Email

I was baffled by this issue at first thinking the only way to send a picture was to use the send options in the Photo app.

Just tap and hold an image until you get the copy option. Copy it, load your email app, and paste it.

Tip 26

Quicker Caps

To get quicker caps (capitalized characters), instead of tapping shift and then the letter, just touch shift and then drag you finger to the letter and release. The closer the letter is to the shift key, the faster it is.

Tip 27

Rapid Numbers

Just touch the number key [.?123], slide up to the number or punctuation/symbol character you want, and let go. It?s great if you just want a single number or character in between typing a lot of letters.

Tip 28

Connectivity: WiFi Security

Since the release of the iPad, many iPad owners have been experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, especially to networks that use WEP security. Since many routers and access points (such as the Sprint OverDrive mobile hotspot), use WEP security by default, it poses a problem for access on the iPad.

If you are having problems connecting your iPad to your OverDrive or other router via WiFi, you might want to check your router settings and select WPA/WPA2 as the security protocol.

Tip 29

Alternative Characters

Type and hold dollar sign to get the currencies Type and hold ? (minus) to get underscore and bullets Type and hold 0 to get degree sign Type and hold ? To get Spanish inverted Type and hold quotes and double quotes to get all sorts of quotes Type and hold period to get three of them ? Type and hold percent % to get per thousand ?

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