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Arctic Journeys/Ancient Memories: The Sculpture of Abraham Anghik Ruben

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This beautifully illustrated title is published in conjunction with Arctic Journeys/Ancient Memories: The Sculpture of Abraham Anghik Ruben, an exhibition on view at the National Museum of the American Indian through January 2, 2013. The art of contemporary Inuvialuit artist Abraham Anghik Ruben explores the social, cultural, and spiritual lives of his Inuvialuit (Inuit) ancestors and the influences of Viking adventurers and Norse settlers who came to the North American Arctic.

Department of Anthropology, Arctic Studies Center
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Welcome to the 18th Inuit Studies Conference Website


Laimikie Palluq field tests a new Inuktitut interface for a GPS/fieldcomputer that he and six other hunters co-developed with geomatics engineering students as part of the Igliniit Project, a Canadian IPY project 2006-2010. Photo: Shari Gearheard

The ISC 2012 will be held in Washington, DC, from October 24 to October 28, 2012, across the Smithsonian campus on the National Mall. Due to its location, the conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including climate change and indigenous people; international cooperation in the Arctic; roles of Museums and museum collections in preserving Inuit languages, heritage, and culture; governmental programs in the northern regions and their interactions with local communities and Inuit cultural/political institutions.


10/18/2012-The Wilson center will be hosting a reception for conference participants to celebrate the opening of this show, on Friday October 26, 2012 from 4:30PM to 6:30 PM to RSVP please click here

10/10/2012-Presenters at the Inuit Studies Conference may upload their presentations to our FTP site. Directions are below:

Uploading Instructions


Print these instructions before attempting to upload (you will need to enter the username and password twice).

Go to the 18th ISC Presentation Upload Website:

Username: ofeoav3
Password: tourma13n


Click on the folder: INUIT_STUDIES_CONFERENCE_2012
Click on your presentation Date  (i.e. 3_FRIDAY_OCTOBER_26_2012)
Click on your presentation Venue (i.e. 1_RIPLEY_CENTER)
Click on your Presentation Time of Day  (i.e. 1_MORNING_SESSION)
Click on your Presentation Room (i.e. 1_LECTURE_HALL)
Click on your Name

When you get to your folder with your name, follow the next steps:


At the top of the page, left side click on 'view'. If you do not see 'view', click on the 'alt' key and  'view'  will then appear.

In 'View' click on 'Open FTP site in Windows Explorer".

A new window will open and will prompt you to enter the username and password again.

Enter the same username and password again.

You will see your computer directory on the left and the conference folders.

You can sort through your directory to find your Presentation file-COPY your presentation file.

Go back (using the back arrow) until you get to your folder and PASTE your document.

Your file should paste into your folder.

Go back (using the back arrow) to the list of names again, and click on your folder to make sure the file is there.

To view your presentation you can click on the file, but then close that file to find another window on the desktop.

Just click ok (do not enter a password) and the file will then open.

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